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What Your Favorite ‘Loveboat, Taipei’ Outfit Says About You


What Your Favorite ‘Loveboat, Taipei’ Outfit Says About You

What Your Favorite Loveboat, Taipei Outfit Says About You

Have you gotten a sneak peek of Loveboat, Taipei yet? There are SO many amazing characters in Abigail Hing Wen’s debut rom-com, and with each distinct personality type comes even more distinct wardrobes!

Loveboat, Taipei is so great for so many reasons. Whether it’s confronting racial stereotypes, breaking family rules, or just doing things you’ve never done before, this book handles these topics and more with humor and grace. Each character feels so real to us, we can picture them right down to their clothing choices!

Are you more likely to gravitate toward the fashion choices of Sophie, Ever, Rick, or Xavier? Who’s best dressed and who couldn’t care less? Scroll down to check out some of these characters’ killer outfit choices come to life, and read what your choice says about you!


What Your Favorite Loveboat, Taipei Outfit



If you adore Sophie Ha’s going out outfit…

You’re always the first on the dance floor, the first to speak up in class, the first to show off your brand new first-day-of-school outfit. You love to live life in the spotlight, and relationships with other people come easy to you! At least, that’s what everyone seems to think from the outside. You definitely hold some secrets within, but what person doesn’t? Remember to let yourself trust those closest to you – you don’t have to go through everything alone, even if you’re great at it!


If you prefer Ever Wong’s classic ensemble…

You like to walk the fence between practical and stylish clothing, and we totally get that! You know that looks aren’t everything, but you also know that sometimes, how you view yourself can affect how others view you, too. While you may seem shy on the outside, you are bursting with stories and life on the inside. Let it out every once in a while: you might be surprised who’s been cheering you on the whole time.


If you enjoy comfy and sensible clothes like Rick Woo…

You don’t care so much about external things like fashion. You’re more focused on the inside of a person: how their thoughts translate into actions. That being said, you sure do clean up nicely, if and when you decide to put in the effort. Even a little self-expression goes a long way! At the end of the day, you know fashion only means so much, and those closest to you will love and support you no matter what.


If you dress to impress like rebellious stud Xavier Yeh…

You are daring and appreciate clothes that make you look as sleek as you feel. In your opinion, fashion is another form of art: what you choose to put on your body reveals how you see yourself as a person. You have a creative side and love mixing and matching colors and patterns to design something uniquely you. And everyone else loves you for it! Just remember that clothes, while they tell a story, don’t tell the full story of who someone is.


Which outfit do you love the most? Tell us in the comments!

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