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Break All the Rules in this First Look at the Loveboat, Taipei Trailer


Break All the Rules in this First Look at the Loveboat, Taipei Trailer

Have you ever wanted to break all the rules, but never had the chance to really go all out? It’s the start of a new decade and what better way to kick it off but breaking all the established rules of the past? It’s time to live vicariously through one of our favorite YA heroines in recent history…

Ever Wong transforms over one incredible summer from shy new girl to fierce young woman who’s brave enough to speak her mind even if she doesn’t know how others will react. There are so many reasons we love Abigail Hing Wen’s Own Voices debut Loveboat, Taipei. One of them is because there are some truly astounding character transformations happening in this book, in every single character we come across. Each character is complex, nuanced and so much more than just a trope — which is fitting, since one of the main themes in the book is taking back certain tropes. And breaking rules, of course. Breaking all. the. rules, and having a blast doing it!

Check out the Wong family rules Ever is poised to break during this spellbinding summer, and swoon over this incredible book trailer to discover even more reasons to fall in love with Loveboat, Taipei!


Break All the Rules at Loveboat


Loveboat Taipei / Wong Family Rules

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