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Mare Vs. Evangeline: Who is Your Favorite Red Queen Lady?


Mare Vs. Evangeline: Who is Your Favorite Red Queen Lady?

Mare Vs. Evangeline: Who is YOUR Favorite Red Queen Lady?
In King’s Cage, the third book in the Red Queen series, Victoria Aveyard FINALLY let us get in the head of Evangeline (the girl everyone loves to hate but really kind of just loves). So now that we know her a little better, we have to ask the question…who do you like better, Mare or Evangeline? Let’s break it down.
🚨 SPOILER WARNING 🚨 If you have not read beyond the first book, Red Queen, some of the information below could be a potential spoiler, so proceed with extreme caution!

The Basics

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  • Blood status: Newblood
  • House: N/A
  • Ability: Electricon (can control electricity)
  • Home: The Stilts
  • Physical Appearance: “River Hair” (Dark at the root, pale at the end), brown eyes, short, agile


  • Blood status: Silver
  • House: Samos
  • Ability: Magnetron (can control metal)
  • Home: The Rift
  • Physical Appearance: silver hair, dark eyes, cat-like features, tall


Their Strengths


  • Quick on her feet
  • Resilient
  • Powerful
  • Killer survival instincts
  • Protective of her loved ones


  • Fiercely loyal to family
  • One of the most powerful magnetrons
  • Not afraid to fight for what she wants
  • Poised
  • “Born to be a queen.”


Their Weaknesses

We would also argue that sometimes their weaknesses are also their strengths. 😉


  • Hot headed
  • Tends to be selfish
  • Soft spot for Maven
  • Soft spot for Cal
  • Gets in her own head too much
  • Feels guilty a lot


  • Rude
  • Over-confident
  • Stubborn
  • Manipulative
  • Soft spot for Elane Haven


Favorite Mare vs. Evangeline Moments:

  • When Evangeline is kicking ass at Queenstrial and bends the walls of the arena towards the floor causing Mare to fall out of a spectator box and steal the show when she reveals her lightning for the first time.
  • When Mare is starting to train as a fake silver princess and Evangeline just can’t give her a break and challenges her to a spar, almost exposing her red blood to rest of the court.
  • Evangeline and Mare going head to head in the Bowl Bones in an epic battle for survival, pure hatred pouring from them both.

So as the trainers in Red Queen would say, “Who has the advantage?” Who would you choose – Evangeline or Mare? Vote in the poll below!


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