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Michelle Gagnon's DON'T TURN AROUND Goodbye Letter



Michelle Gagnon's DON'T TURN AROUND Goodbye Letter

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Today, Michelle Gagnon says goodbye to the characters in her DON’T TURN AROUND series. Read her letter below and post your farewells in the comments below!
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Hi folks. I’d like to take a few minutes to say something.
Over the past four years, I’ve fallen for all of you in one way or another; and no matter how large or small a role you played, every single one of you mattered. And that includes—
Loki, I’m trying to be serious here. Please, Loki, just put that down. No, I’m not a zombie, and neither is anyone else. There were no zombies in this trilogy, that would’ve been a completely different story. Yes, I’m sure. Now can I continue? Seriously, it’s like trying to wrangle kittens—
Um, Daisy and Teo, I realize that you’re madly in love, but if you could separate your faces for just five minutes and at least pretend to be paying attention, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks. Yes, Teo, I know you didn’t mean any offense. None taken.
Mr. Mason, you’re really not supposed to be here. I understand that you’re a freelancer now, and not officially the “bad guy” anymore. And like the others, I was a big fan of your final act. But let’s face it, you’re still a creepy guy, and you’re making the rest of the kids uncomfortable.
Amanda, I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I know you had a rough time; people didn’t always appreciate your, um, let’s call it a “somewhat superior attitude.” Don’t get defensive, I’m sure they didn’t mean it personally. And hey, you’re much more laid back now! That’s a good thing, right?
Fine. I’ll be there for a volunteer shift next Thursday.
It was nice of Peter to send a postcard since he couldn’t make it personally. Honestly, if he was here, he’d say something funny, and then something poignant, and we’d all just end up crying anyway, right? It would have been much harder to say goodbye in person.
Zeke, I’m really, really glad you made it back to us.
And finally, Noa. When I first pictured a young girl, alone and frightened on a table, I had no idea how much she’d end up infiltrating every aspect of my life. We ended up undergoing some challenging and dramatic life changes together—although granted, no evil corporation kidnapped and operated on me, so you’re ahead on that one—and in the end, we both made it through. I love how much you grew and changed; you ended up surprising me, not with your strength and courage, but with a softness and enduring spirit that came out of nowhere.
You will all be missed.


About Michelle Gagnon

Michelle Gagnon has been a modern dancer, a dog walker, a bartender, a freelance journalist, a personal trainer, and a model. Her bestselling thrillers for adults have been published in numerous countries and include The Tunnels, Boneyard, The Gatekeeper, and Kidnap & Ransom.


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