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Moments When It's Nice To Have A Book Around



Moments When It's Nice To Have A Book Around

You should never leave home without your wallet, keys, phone, book, backup book or an e-reader filled with books. Here’s when having a book on you at all times is really a good idea.

1. When you’re in line at the DMV / Post Office / Comic Con / Veronica Roth signing / midnight showing of Catching Fire premiere.


2. When you’re in the bathroom. (Don’t deny it, you’re a total pee & read enthusiast. In fact, you probably have a bathroom bookshelf.)


3. When you’re riding the subway or bus. (Books > Angry Birds.)

"Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music", by Ellen Willis

4. When the pilot asks you to turn off all your electronics. (Sorry ebooks, real books have you beat on this one.)


5. When your date never shows up but you decide to stay and eat dinner anyways.


6. When you’re dragged to a party and quickly realize that you’re going to be bored to tears. (PS – The bathroom is a good place to hide and read.)


7. When you get stuck in an elevator. (It also helps to have snacks. . . you could be in there for a while.)


8. When [insert the name of any horrible cable/internet provider] shuts off the internet for “maintenance” and doesn’t bother to tell you ahead of time.


9. When you see someone approach and you know they are about to hit on you. Put that book up. BOOM! Insta-flirt shield.


10. When you want to nap but it’s too bright.


What are some other moments when it’s nice to have a book around?


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