Let’s Play a Game of Never Have I Ever: ‘Loveboat Taipei’ Edition


Let’s Play a Game of Never Have I Ever: ‘Loveboat Taipei’ Edition

Let’s Play a Game of Never Have I Ever: ‘Loveboat Taipei’ Edition

Never Have I Ever is a game that never fails to reveal some really fun (and sometimes scandalous) stories. It’s definitely a conversation starter to say at the least!

In Loveboat, Taipei, Ever Wong goes abroad for the summer where she experiences a ton of firsts, everything from sneaking out to going clubbing to drinking snake blood sake. Yup, you read that right, snake blood sake. It’s nothing like what Ever expected when she found her parent’s were sending her to Taiwan to study Mandarin…but in the best way cause this summer of no supervision? It means she can do the unexpected, try new things, and break the Wong Family Rules—all while making new friends and the memories of a lifetime.

With all of Ever’s adventures in Taipei, we thought it would be fun to play our own game of Never Have I Ever (see what we did there?! okay we will see ourselves out now) to see how many of things you’ve done from this quintessential story of firsts. 


Ready to play Never Have I Ever?



Watch Us Play with Abigail Hing Wen!


About Loveboat, Taipei

“Our cousins have done this program,” Sophie whispers. “Best kept secret. Zero supervision.

And just like that, Ever Wong’s summer takes an unexpected turnGone is Chien Tan, the strict educational program in Taiwan that Ever was expecting. In its place, she finds Loveboat: a summer-long free-for-all where hookups abound, adults turn a blind eye, snake-blood sake flows abundantly, and the nightlife runs nonstop.

But not every student is quite what they seem:

Ever is working toward becoming a doctor but nurses a secret passion for dance.

Rick Woo is the Yale-bound child prodigy bane of Ever’s existence whose perfection hides a secret.

Boy-crazy, fashion-obsessed Sophie Ha turns out to have more to her than meets the eye.

And under sexy Xavier Yeh’s shell is buried a shameful truth he’ll never admit.

When these students’ lives collide, it’s guaranteed to be a summer Ever will never forget.


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