New Year's Resolution-Inspired Book Recs from Mackenzi Lee!



New Year's Resolution-Inspired Book Recs from Mackenzi Lee!

As a living, breathing human who has probably witnessed the start of a new year at least once in their life, you’ve probably also tried to make some New Year’s resolutions. Maybe they were one of the more common ones—eat healthier, stay organized, exercise—or maybe you just love books a lot and used it as an excuse to tell people you were going to read more. Now, thanks to Mackenzi Lee, you can do both!
This superstar author (have you read GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE yet?!) was inspired to put together a killer list of book recommendations based on some popular New Year’s resolutions! She’s also a bookseller, so you know these recs will be on point.
Watch the video to see what New Year’s resolution-inspired recs she has for you!

And now we are off to start our resolution of reading even more books thanks to these killer recommendations! Here’s what she talked about:

Will you be adding any of these to your list? What kind of book recommendations do you want to get from Mackenzi next? Tell us in the comments below!

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