Our Favorite YA Retellings with ‘Is This Real Life’


Our Favorite YA Retellings with ‘Is This Real Life’

It’s no secret we love retellings. Fortunately, there are so many that exist in YA books today, and we could not be more thrilled! We love hearing the evil villain’s backstory where we find out they’re really just misunderstood, or the quiet sidekick’s surprising origin story. We love to dive into semi-familiar worlds full of characters we recognize—only to realize very quickly that everything is most certainly not what it seems, and far from the original story we *thought* we knew. We almost can’t handle the drama!

Join Mitch and Lisa from ‘Is This Real Life’ and special Epic Reads guest Tyler as the three discuss their favorite retelling books and movies, why they love this genre, and more!


Our Favorite YA Retellings


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