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These Two Things Will Determine What Kind of Year You’re Going to Have


These Two Things Will Determine What Kind of Year You’re Going to Have

These Two Things Will Determine What Kind of Year You're Going to Have

A year filled with love and parties? Sign us up, please and thank you. In Karen Hattrup’s Our Year in Love and Parties, Tucker and Erika experience a completely *epic* and unforgettable year, told over the course of four (what else?) parties. Both Tucker and Erika—who used to work together at an old arcade—have been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff in their lives (as Erika puts it, the past belongs “in a dumpster fire”), and the friendship that forms between them when they reconnect is nothing short of #Goals.

Our Year in Love and Parties is funny, it’s romantic (Will they? Won’t they??), and it got us thinking. What kind of year will we have? Will there be love? Hate? Parties? Adulting? (No thank you.)

Take a look at our generator below, and let us know what kind of year you’ll have!


Find Out What Kind of Year You’ll Have


Our Year in Love and Parties Name Generator


About Our Year in Love and Parties

In this poignant, funny, and romantic novel, four nights of epic partying will see two teens through their highest highs and lowest lows over the course of one unforgettable year.

Tucker knows that some relationships take work. With his best friend, Bobby, and his mom, everything is simple, steady. His dad, on the other hand, seems to only show up when he wants to bring Tucker down. Then there’s Erika Green, who comes back into his life, stirring up old feelings. A small part of him knows he shouldn’t get too attached during senior year. But a bigger part doesn’t want her to disappear again.

Erika from before the video loved to shock people. Now, she just wants to hole up in her quiet college life and leave the past where it belongs—in a dumpster fire. But then she reconnects with Tucker Campanelli. Erika can’t explain what it is about him. There’s just this undeniable connection between them, and she really doesn’t want to lose that feeling. Not yet.

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