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Like, Try, Why #4

Looking for your next read? Find out what’s next on your list if you liked Bad Girls Don’t Die, Peter Pan, or All American Girl!…


Now Quoting: EVE

Anna Carey’s ONCE is in bookstores this month; but as I wait, I’m looking back on the most unforgettable quotes from EVE!…

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Like, Try, Why #3

Persuasion, Hex Hall, and Abandon top this week’s LIKE, TRY, WHY list. Find out what you should read next if you enjoyed these! …

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Like, Try, Why #2

If you’ve read Delirium, loved Indiana Jones or tune in to Gossip Girl each week, this week’s LIKE, TRY, WHY is for you!…


Now Quoting: INSURGENT

Veronica Roth’s Insurgent recently hit bookstores, and already we’re obsessing over so many of the epic quotes found within the tome. Itching to check out the memorable sayings, phrases, and moments we simply can’t resist? Read on!…


Giveaways Galore!

A quick roundup of all the giveaways we have going on Epic Reads, Pitch Dark and Story Crush!…