Take Your Story in a New Direction with Our Plot Twist Generator


Take Your Story in a New Direction with Our Plot Twist Generator

Take Your Story in a New Direction with Our Plot Twist Generator!
Who doesn’t love a good book that features the classic boy meets girl story? Especially if we get the meet-cute of our dreams! But hang on. Let’s take it one step further…
What do you get when you put together witty humor, a boy-meets-girl romance, and a ghostly twist we didn’t see coming? You get Robyn Schneider’s latest heartfelt contemporary rom-com INVISIBLE GHOSTS. It has everything we love in a good contemporary read – moments that make us swoon, moments that make us tear up, and hilarious banter that had us laughing in between. And hey, that plot twist where the boy meets girl…and also meets girl’s ghost brother? Definitely an unconventional twist that hooked us from the very start.
That got us to thinking about how we can take stories in new directions so…naturally, we felt the need to build a PLOT TWIST GENERATOR.

How the Plot Twist Generator Works

Check out the image below and fill out the generator with your info! For example, if I answer the questions with my info, I get this: The antihero finds themselves in an enemies-to-lovers romance…but ends up in a battle to the death. Yup – that’s definitely a story I want to read! Now it’s your turn:


About Invisible Ghosts

When one girl’s best friend is her dead brother’s ghost, romance can be tricky.
Rose Asher believes in ghosts. She should, since she has one for a best friend: Logan, her annoying, Netflix-addicted brother, who is forever stuck at fifteen. But Rose is growing up, and when an old friend moves back to Laguna Canyon and appears in her drama class, things get complicated.
Jamie Aldridge is charming, confident, and a painful reminder of the life Rose has been missing out on since her brother’s death. She watches as Jamie easily rejoins their former friends—a group of magnificently silly theater nerds—while avoiding her so intensely that it must be deliberate.
Yet when the two of them unexpectedly cross paths, Rose learns that Jamie has a secret of his own, one that changes everything. Rose finds herself drawn back into her old life—and to Jamie. But she quickly starts to suspect that he isn’t telling her the whole truth.
All Rose knows is that it’s becoming harder to choose between the boy who makes her feel alive and the brother she isn’t ready to lose.


Will your story have ninjas? Will it be set in outer space? Will you secretly be royal? Tell us your result in the comments below!
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