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Read the First Excerpt from THE CROWN


Read the First Excerpt from THE CROWN

Read the first excerpt from THE CROWN
It’s time to kick off #CountdownToTheCrown with the first exclusive scene from The Crown by Kiera Cass before it goes on sale May 3rd! While we are not emotionally prepared to say goodbye to our beloved series, we are super excited to start reading it, beginning with the excerpt below!
For those of you that need a wee bit of a refresher: Princess Eadlyn didn’t think she would find a real partner among the Selection’s thirty-five suitors, let alone true love. But sometimes the heart has a way of surprising you…and now Eadlyn must make a choice that feels more difficult—and more important—than she ever expected.
Grab your tiara, your tissues, and settle in the first look at THE CROWN below!
The Crown by Kiera Cass
⛔️⛔️⛔️SPOILER ALERT WARNING⛔️⛔️⛔️ You might see some ****** throughout this excerpt. We put those there as a redaction because we don’t want to spoil anything for you! Don’t worry, the characters’ names will appear in The Crown but until then, this will have to do!

Excerpt #1 from THE CROWN:

I hurried into the hallway. No more than two steps out the door, I saw ***** waiting for me. He popped off the bench immediately and bowed.
“Hi. Is everything all right?” I asked, coming over.
“Yeah,” he said. “Well, except that I’m probably about to do something so incredibly stupid that I can feel my heartbeat banging in my feet.”
“Oh, please don’t. I’ve had enough stupid to last a lifetime.”
He chuckled. “No, it’s not like that. I just . . . I wanted to ask you for something.”
I raised my eyebrows, proceeding with caution. “All right. You have two minutes.”
He gulped loudly. “Okay, wow. So I’m really flattered that you kept me in the top six. It made me feel like I did something right, though I’m still clueless as to what that was.”
I shrugged. “***** made me laugh. Laughter is important.”
He smiled. “I agree, but it kind of proves my point.” He fidgeted with his hands. “It’s just, this far in, with you so busy and with me never having had one-on-one time with you, I was wondering how good my chances are.”
“It’s a fair question. But I can’t really answer it right now. I have so much to figure out.”
“Exactly,” he replied enthusiastically. “So I am going to ask for something ridiculous. Could I kiss you?”
I stepped back. “Excuse me?”
“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. But I think a kiss can say a lot. I think one kiss would be enough for you to know if it’s worth me pursing you or you pursuing me.”
There was something sweet about his request, like even though a picture of me kissing Kile had been plastered across the country, he still didn’t think it was a given that I’d just go and kiss anyone. And that he’d learned enough from Jack’s expulsion to move with care. That alone made me want to give him what he was asking for. But to do this, to potentially lose a final suitor without even trying to know him better? It felt foolish.
“You could be a prince. You could have more money than you knew what to do with, be so famous people who don’t even have televisions would know your face. Are you willing to bet all of that on one kiss?”
“I’m willing to bet your happiness and mine on it.”
I inhaled, thinking. “Okay.”
Once the surprise wore off, ***** placed his hand on my waist. He lowered his face to mine, stopping momentarily to laugh.
“This is a bit surreal.”
“I’m waiting, sir.”
He smiled just before our lips touched.

What do you think of this excerpt? Did it give you The Feels? Stay tuned for more Countdown to the Crown: a new piece of Selection content every day until May 3rd!
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