All The Reasons You Need To Read ‘The Meaning of Birds’


All The Reasons You Need To Read ‘The Meaning of Birds’

All The Reasons You Need To Read 'The Meaning of Birds'

Hey book nerds, Shannon from Team Epic Reads here with some late-breaking news: The Meaning of Birds by Jaye Robin Brown is one of the sweetest books of spring, and I’m temporarily taking things over to tell you all the reasons I. need. you. to. read. it.

First of all, let’s take a look at this cover?!

I DIE. This art is gorgeous and ties so nicely into the story, but the cover is only a small part of what makes this book so wonderful. It’s beautifully written, heartbreakingly so, and makes you feel all the feels. The author’s twitter bio literally says “Apologies in advance for the tears,” and you have to forgive her. The book is just that good.


Why You Should Read The Meaning of Birds


1. A love story for the ages

Jess and Vivi are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever read about, and although we lose Vivi way too soon, she lives on in how dang sweet the two are in the flashbacks. Their relationship is as playful and passionate as first love often is, and I fell head over heels for their love story.

2. Not a coming out story

What I love about The Meaning of Birds is that it’s not exactly a coming out story. Sure, Jess has to come out, because that’s not something that ever really ends, but the story is mainly about love. Love between two girls that need each other, between friends, between family.

3. Older! Queer! Women!

Jess is hired as a blacksmithing apprentice, and spends a lot of time with her mentor, Greer, and her mentor’s wife, Eliza. Seeing these two women take Jess under their wing and act as role models is everything, and these two are the ultimate #couplegoals.

4. Powerful friendships

Cheyanne and Levi are *epic* parts of The Meaning of Birds, as well. Although their relationships with Jess hit rough patches at times, they all love and care for each other in really powerful ways. We also get to meet Jess’s old friend, “Deuces,” in her alternative school, and his hilarity and support is super sweet, adding levity and kindness in Jess’s difficult life.


These are only a few of the reasons that The Meaning of Birds should top your TBR. If epic and heartbreaking LGBTQIAP+ love stories are your jam, start reading the first few chapters here and pick up your copy today!

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