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Reading for School vs Reading for Fun



Reading for School vs Reading for Fun

Reading for school is the WOOOORRRSSSTTTTT. Alice Oseman is the 20-year old author of Solitaire and she understands that sometimes reading for school can be a tad different experience than reading for fun. She’s pretty much an expert on the topic, as she casually balances university life with writing books. Teach us your ways, Alice!

Alice Oseman on Reading for School vs. Reading for Fun

So you love reading! It’s the easiest thing in the world, right? You just open a page and time stops existing and you lose yourself in a fictional world. Complete and absolute bliss.
It can’t be that different when reading for school, can it?
Turns out it can.
Reading books can feel like the best thing ever. There’s an infinite amount of books out there, the fun never ends, you could just keep on reading forever and ever and ever without stopping-

But wait… this book you have to read for school… why… why does it feel so different?

Why are you feeling- no, surely not-


What- but why are the words so complicated!?

Why do you keep zoning out and having to reread pages!?

Instead of getting lost in the words-

Suddenly EVERYTHING becomes a distraction from reading.

(Especially snacks) (Or is that just me)

So you just end up procrastinating for hours.

And then you have to skim read everything at the last minute because you are the worst student in the world.

Seriously, is that just me?
Maybe that’s just me.
I shouldn’t have been allowed to go to university.


What differences do you see between reading for school and for fun? Holler at us in the comments below!


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