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Love, Simon is a Big Freaking Deal! Here’s Why You Need to See It


Love, Simon is a Big Freaking Deal! Here’s Why You Need to See It

Love Simon is a Big Freaking Deal! Here's Why You Need to See It
In case you’ve missed all of our gushing, this adorable trailer, AND some very clever movie theater signage—LOVE, SIMON (based on Becky Albertalli’s YA novel Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda) is finally making its way to theaters!
Saying we’re a tad obsessed with this book/movie is a bit of an understatement, but trust us when we say it’s deserved! What’s that? You don’t trust us? You’d like a numbered list of reasons why you should also be obsessed with (or at the very least, go see) LOVE, SIMON? Wish granted—read on below!

Why you need to see Love, Simon:

An official, unbiased, completely factual list by Team Epic Reads

1. It’s a mainstream teen movie with a gay main character. 

That’s right—because “Everyone deserves a great love story” is not just a tagline, it’s the truth! Honestly, we should have had a movie like this loooooooong before 2018 but that’s another conversation. The good news is that it’s here now and it features one of our all time favorite book baes, Simon Spier, and it’s amazing.

2. It’s also nailing the whole rom-com thing.

We laughed, we made heart eyes at the screen, we *might have* teared up and sobbed uncontrollably into our popcorn… But seriously the cast brought the characters to life, it has substance and heart but is also super funny. Let’s just give everyone involved their awards now.

3. Teens are killing it in this movie.

Okay well, some of them (not you Martin!). But seriously there are so many amazing moments! Teens questioning why shitty societal norms are the way they are (“WHY IS STRAIGHT THE DEFAULT!?!”), and facing intolerance but being like, NOPE. Teens are brave and awesome and complex and strong and all of those things are reflected in this movie.

4. Because if you want more movies like this, then you’ve gotta go see them!

Multiple times maybe. Or with all of your friends! (And if you haven’t read the book yet, get on that right now!) Seriously, if you want big studios to invest more of their resources into these kind of stories, you need to prove to them that it’s worth it. We know it is, you know it is, but *rolls eyes* capitalism.

Okay, so that’s only four reasons, but honestly we couldn’t spoil this movie for you and give too much away. Just go see it for yourself and you’ll get it. Make sure to bring Oreos. And if you need to gush afterwards, tag us, we’re here for it. And if you need more info about the Love, Simon movie, check here for the latest & greatest updates!

Are you seeing LOVE, SIMON this weekend?! Let us know and let’s chat about it!!
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