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Scarlet Guard! All Hail This Epic ‘Red Queen’ Character Art


Scarlet Guard! All Hail This Epic ‘Red Queen’ Character Art

Scarlet Guard! All Hail This Epic 'Red Queen' Character Art

Broken Throne is now out in the world, and it’s the end of Red Queen as we know it. This epic series has spanned four years, five books (and a handful of epic novellas!), and countless wonderful memories. There are so many iconic characters and moments throughout this series, and tbh, we’ll never get over it.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Remember when Cal taught Mare to dance? Or when we first learned she was the lightning girl? And all the other things we’ve come to know and love about the series? Lucky for us, the Scarlet Guard is home to some hella talented artists (like, seriously, how do y’all do it?!) who have been kind enough to grace us with their masterpieces. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite character art from the fabulous Red Queen series, and we think you’d agree that these artists are too good to not shout out.

Check them out below!


Completely Epic Red Queen Character Art



1. Tiberias “Handsome Fella” Calore, according to artist morgana0anagrom!


2. “In less than an hour, my grandmother will put the monstrosity on my head…” Inspired by Chapter 3 in War Storm, and from epic artist halfelf558!


3. The flames on his vest are straight 🔥🔥🔥! Shoutout to meliescribbles!


4. Shifting gears a bit, let’s talk about this Evangeline art from ellereneart!


5. GUYS. The crown! The fierce facial expression! The blood! We stan Evangeline AND agustinazanelli.


6. We’re going to be honest, we’re very obsessed with every piece of art @queenyart has made


7. How could we forget the Little Lightning Girl? Props to morgana0anagrom again!


8. beebee-art, Mare looks so badass here!


9. When Cal taught Mare how to dance. Our hearts are exploding, zoyastormwitch.


10. What do you guys think? Was there enough backstabbing in War Storm? meliescribbles


10. stylesjackson, we’re obsessed!


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