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Get an Electrifying Look Inside the Red Queen Collector’s Edition!


Get an Electrifying Look Inside the Red Queen Collector’s Edition!

The RED QUEEN COLLECTOR’S EDITION is finally here and its beauty will leave you speechless! Whether you’re already a major fan of the series, or haven’t read any RED QUEEN books yet, this is THE novel that you absolutely need in your life. Behold the most stunning book to ever grace your shelves:

Not only is it beautiful on the outside, it’s beautiful on the inside too! Take a look:

In case you haven’t paused every second of that video, here’s what you’ll find inside the RED QUEEN COLLECTOR’S EDITION:

Six pieces of full-color fan art!

You’ll have to pick up a copy of the book to see them all, but here’s an up-close look at one image (and you can click it to see it in its full-sized glory 😍):

This piece was created by artist Agustina Zanelli and here’s what she has to say about work:
“I wanted to show Mare’s power and the symbol of the Scarlet Guard becoming part of her, under the beautiful crown of the book cover. Red Queen is one of my favorite series, so it has inspired me to make a lot of fan art. I’m incredibly happy that my artwork is included in the Collector’s Edition. It’s a dream come true.”
Check out more of Agustina’s artwork here!

An inside look at the Scarlet Guard!

At the end of the book are never-before-seen, super confidential correspondences between Scarlet Guard officials planning out their next movements. Only a true Scarlet Guard operative will be able to decipher these messages but we know you’re up for the challenge!

Red-stained pages!

Really, need we say more?! And if you’re a fan of undressing books, you’re in for a treat!

An epic start to an electrifying series!

Yes, the book is beautiful—but it’s Victoria Aveyard’s story that will really blow your mind! The action scenes, the romance, the cool supernatural abilities, and the BETRAYALS in RED QUEEN will leave you breathless, and each book in the series just continues to elevate the stakes to whole new levels!

Okay okay, no more drooling over this book! Pictures just don’t do it justice so it’s time to pick up your copy of the RED QUEEN COLLECTOR’S EDITION today!
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