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10 ‘Red Queen’ Quizzes More Entertaining Than the Bowl of Bones


10 ‘Red Queen’ Quizzes More Entertaining Than the Bowl of Bones

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All right, Scarlet Guard, how are y’all doing? Broken Throne is officially out in the world and our goodbyes have been said to the wonderfully realized world of Red Queen. Even after the main series closed with last year’s War Storm, plenty of storylines were left open—and continued in these stories that kind of felt like coming home, tbh.

If you’re like us and have already finished the book, then you’re probably wondering what the heck you’re supposed to do now.

Well, we’re going to do you a solid! We have our best Red Queen quizzes here so that you can take a final walk down memory lane and see how you’d fit into the world of Silvers and Reds.


10 Red Queen Quizzes



1. What’s Your Red Queen Power?

From electricons to oblivions and everything in between, see what sort of power you’d wield if you lived among the Silver elite.


2. How Well Would You Do in the Queenstrial?

Are you fit for the prince’s hand, or are you taking a more subtle approach in your ascent to the throne? Aspiring queens can find out just how well they’d do in the iconic Queenstrial.


3. Are These Red Queen Quotes Real or Did We Make Them Up?

You may think yourself among the smartest, most devoted Scarlet Guard members, but can you remember the lines that made this blockbuster series what it is?


4. What’s Your Red Queen Blood Type?

Sure, plenty of people think they’d be a Silver, but would you actually be?


5. Which Red Queen Character Are You?

Ambitious, brave, sarcastic, selfless—all the characters of Red Queen are crafted with depth, but which one are you most like? Here’s to hoping it’s not a tyrant…


6. How Would Red Queen’s Evangeline Samos Insult You?

Honestly, she could call us any combination of these and we’d thank her.


7. What Does Your Favorite Silver House Say About You?

Find out more about the Silver elite that rule Norta, while also finding out more about yourself!


8. How Would You Rank Your All-Time Favorite Red Queen Moments?

We’ve compiled some of your favorite scenes, quotes, characters, and more, and now the power is in your hands. Vote in the Red Queen Reader’s Choice!


9. Mare vs. Evangeline: Who’s Your Favorite Red Queen Lady?

Why not both? Both is good. But everyone is more like one or the other, and now you can find out which. Sassy, confident, ambitious magnetron? Or courageous, morally-guided electricon?


10. The Hardest Red Queen Series Quiz You’ll Ever Take

The title is all the warning you need, really.


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