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What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You


What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You

We all love cheering for the Scarlet Guard in The Red Queen Series. But with all that “Rise, Red as the Dawn” talk, it’s seems that Silvers have gotten a bad rap. Yes some are evil (*cough*Elara*cough*) and some have killed our beloved characters (#RIP).
But then there’s people like Cal and Julian who are actually kinda dreamy. You may even meet a few more Silvers in KING’S CAGE that you actually want to root for! Now that we’ve convinced you that not all Silvers are the spawn of satan, it’s time to embrace your love for all things Silver and find out what your favorite Silver House says about you!
And in case you are speculating the accuracy of what your silver house says about you, we should have you know that this formula is highly accurate and basically has never been wrong about anything…..ever……..

House Calore

Red Queen Silver House - Calore - What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You

  • Burners: They can control fire
  • Important Members: Cal, Maven
  • Colors: Red, black, adorned with silver for royals of the blood

If your favorite house is House Calore, basically, everything about you is on fire. Literally. 🔥 You’re a strong leader who’s not afraid of a fight. You have a softer side too, but you can be a bit of a hot head and most of the time, your temper gets you in trouble. Hate to say it, but you can also be pretty snakey at times… and no one likes a snake. So in short, you’re a solid mix of “killin’ it” and “do better.”

House Samos

Red Queen Silver House - Samos - What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You

  • Magnetrons: ability to manipulate and control metal
  • Important Members: Evangeline, Ptolemus
  • Colors: black, silver

You badass! You are a force to be reckoned with—fierce, proud and extremely loyal to your family and friends. Like Evangeline, you will take down anyone who stands in your way. Plus you enjoy the finer things in life and have a killer fashion sense. Your friends are probably always texting you asking if they can borrow an outfit and you say yes but only because you know that the second someone else wears that outfit you are so over it.

House Skonos

Red Queen Silver House - Skonos - What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You

  • Skinhealers: heal wounds with physical touch
  • Important Member: Sara Skonos
  • Colors: silver, red

The fact that you love House Skonos means you are selfless and caring, always putting the need of others before yourself. Your friends and family respect you for your kind heart, although sometimes they might take advantage of you. Even if it’s a little hard for you, it’ll be your challenge to show them that even though you’ve got a big heart, you are not to be messed with and we know you can rise to that challenge! You’re new life motto should be “Kill ’em with kindness” and we’re not mad about it.

House Iral

Red Queen Silver House - Iral - What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You

  • Swifts: super human agility and speed
  • Important Members: Lady Ara Iral, Sonya Iral
  • Colors: dark blue, red

If you read Red Queen and Glass Sword and were all like OMG I LOVE HOUSE IRAL then that means you are one smart book nerd! You are a strategic thinker and knowledgeable and you use that smarty brain of yours to get ahead and stay ahead. You believe that knowledge equals power and you use your superior skills to do your best in life…and in love.

House Jacos

Red Queen Silver House - Jacos - What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You

  • Singers: can use their voice to manipulate you
  • Important Members: Julian, Queen Coriane
  • Colors: yellow, gold

You have a way with words. When you speak, people listen and that is one of the greatest skills in your arsenal. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility, and that sometimes listening is the major key to winning friends and influencing people! Your hidden talent is definitely karaoke so all the judges would spin their chair around if you auditioned for The Voice.

House Titanos

Red Queen Silver House - Titanos - What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You

  • Oblivions: can explode objects with physical touch by breaking apart molecular bonds in a swift and violent fashion
  • Important Members: Ethan
  • Colors: Purple, silver

You are an independent spirit! A lone wolf? A cheese that stands alone! Yeah sure, you have friends, but really, you’d rather spend time by yourself and you are totally happy to do just that. But just because you aren’t constantly surrounded people all of the time doesn’t mean people should underestimate you. You may be quiet, but you are fierce as hell and when given the chance, you will totally rise to greatness.

Just a quick note about this second batch of silver houses: We don’t have fancy illustrations for these houses like the ones above so we are borrowing these stellar graphics made by!


House Merandus

House Merandus from Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

  • Whispers: can read your mind and control your thoughts
  • Important Members: Queen Elara, Samson
  • Colors: Navy blue, white

You are cunning and resourceful. People tend to fear you because you know all the secrets and how to use them.You are intellectual and are always ten steps ahead of the game. You have a love for the classics which makes you an OG for sure. At times it seems like you can be a been of a control freak but who can blame you? I mean you basically know everything.

House Haven

  • Shadows: can bend light to hide themselves and other things
  • Important member: Elane
  • Colors: black

You are a little bit reserved, sometimes causing you to go unnoticed. But you know deep down that you don’t have to be in the spotlight to get ahead. Next time you think your crush doesn’t notice you, feel comforted in the fact that your mysterious nature is probably the thing they notice most about you. We also should say that you can be shady AF sometime but only when people deserve it. We approve.

House Osanos

  • Nymphs: can control water
  • Important member: General Osanos
  • Colors: blue, green

You go with the flow. You’re cool, calm, and collected. You have all the chill. It takes a lot to get your blood boiling, but once it does, watch out for that hurricane. You can be icy cold to those you hate but are always warm with those that you hold dearest to your heart. You do sunrise yoga 6 days a week and appreciate the pitter patter of rain on your window at night.

House Welle

  • Greenwardens: able to manipulate plant life
  • Important members: Heron Welle, Governor Cyrus Welle
  • Colors: Green and gold

You are thoughtful and care about all living things. You have an exception greenthumb and if you don’t think you can keep any plants alive, you just aren’t tapping in to your abilities! You probably enjoy spending your time out in nature and did we mention that you’re a vegetarian? Because you are.

House Blonos

  • Blood Healers: can heal themselves
  • Important Member: Lady Bess Blonos (Mare’s protocol instructor)
  • Colors: Unknown

Unlike the skinhealers, you aren’t really interested in healing others, you’re really only looking out for #1…and that’s you. Sure, you’re a little bit vain and a little bit self-centered, but that also means you are confident as hell and no one even tries to mess with you. But at the end of the day you only want to be happy, even though you know that if you got everything you wanted in life, you’d probably still find a way to be unhappy. Our advice?

But wait…there’s more

Here is a complete list of currently known Silver houses.

  • House Arven
  • House Blonos
  • House Carros
  • House Cygnet
  • House Eagrie
  • House Gliacon
  • House Greco
  • House Laris
  • House Lerolan
  • House Macanthos
  • House Marinos
  • House Nolle
  • House Nornus
  • House Provos
  • House Rhambos
  • House Thany
  • House Tyros
  • House Viper


Hate the silvers all together?

You don’t belong in a silver house at all. You’re a Red or Newblood like Mare, so people better watch out ‘cuz who knows what power you hold. People underestimate you often but it’s really only a matter of time that you show them your true colors. Once people see you for who you truly are, your life is going to be a wild ride. So sit back, relax, and wait for it.

What’s your favorite Silver House? Tell us in the comments below!
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