Team Epic Reads Reveals the Last Books That Made Them Cry


Team Epic Reads Reveals the Last Books That Made Them Cry

Team Epic Reads Reveals the Last Books That Made Them Cry

Have you ever wondered what Team Epic Reads talks about behind the scenes? Which books we read, and which made us cry immediately before we recommended them to each other? Well, if so, you’re in luck! We wanted to give you a front-row seat to our first ever round table, in which we discuss the last books that made us cry. Most members of the team have incredibly different tastes, so hopefully this will give you a peek at some of the readers and writers behind the curtain!

Also, Tyler would like to add that since taking part in this piece, he has read Kingdom of Ash and teared up over Chapter 89, because he is not a monster.

And with that established, scroll down, meet the team, and add to your ever-growing TBR!


Team Epic Reads Reveals:



Jane: So who should go first? Who wants to go first and reveal their pick?

Audrey: I can go first, but I don’t know if my pick is going to draw a lot of conversation.

Tyler: What is it?

Audrey: Should I just say it?

Audrey: So, my pick is The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth.

Nicole: That’s the sort-of Chronicles of Narnia inspired one, right?

Audrey: It’s the Chronicles of Narnia one, but basically one sister wants to be in the real world, and one sister doesn’t. And it’s about whether like, well, when you meet them, their relationship is very fractured, and you don’t know if they’re going to be able to work it out. And then the one sister who wants to be back in the Woodlands goes missing, and the other sister has to go find her.

Tyler: Ugh, it was so good.

Audrey: Right? And I don’t know. It just, it’s all the sister feels. If you ever, like, had a sibling that you ever loved, but—

Jane: They’re driving you insane…

Audrey: You don’t see eye to eye. Yeah! It’s got that. It’s also Britain during and after World War II, so… happy times.

Jane: This is the one that we have an Explains for, right?

Audrey: It is the one we have an Explains for! But yeah—plot aside, it’s like I said. All the sister feels.

Jane: All right Michael, you’re up next in this round table.

Michael: The table goes in two directions, Jane.

Shannon: Okay, well.

Jane: You can spin it off if you want.

Michael: My pick is—no, I’m okay—my pick isn’t the last book that made me cry, but it would be They Both Die at the End, by Adam Silvera. There’s a picture of me on Twitter somewhere crying having read that book, which is something I regret posting online, yes.

Audrey: Tyler?

Jane: And we’re definitely linking that.

Michael: No, we are not linking that. No, it’s bad. It’s bad.

Audrey: Can we get it on the screen behind us?

Nicole: We need to look at it right now.

Michael: It’s really bad!

Jane: No, no, no, we need to look it up right now.

Michael: No, you’re going to have to scroll through my whole Twitter. It’s going to take a long time. You’re going to see a lot of weird pictures along the way.

Shannon: Or you could go to the advanced search and do your username and then—

Audrey: Oh, you’re not the only one!

Nicole: Wow, there were so many people crying.

Tyler: This is a lot of effort to find.

Jane: Fine, Michael, you’re off the hook for now. But for our listeners…

Michael: Great. Yeah, and the title itself, it gives you a feeling it’s going to be sad, but I still had hope. And not to spoil anything, but I did cry at the end.

Michael: They Both Cry at the End.

Nicole: Wow… that’s really…

Jane: We All Cry at the End.

Audrey: Yeah, I was going to say, it’s more than both.

[All talking over each other]

Jane: [Laughing]

Audrey: And I think the people who clung to hope were mad!

Michael: And there was a time right before it came out where Adam was like, “I’m not going to tell you,” and—wait, Tyler, stop!

Nicole: Oh my god, is this it?

Michael: Tyler, stop!

Michael: Tyler, stop!!

Jane: [Laughing more]

Tyler: When did it come out, September?

Michael: I don’t like this!

Audrey: Oh my god, he found it.

Michael: There it is! We’re done!

Nicole: Oh my god, that’s him really crying.

Tyler: That’s it!

Jane: Awww!

Tyler: Okay, but that’s so good.

Michael: I’ll karate chop everyone in this room!

Team Epic Reads Reveals the Last Books That Made Them Cry

Audrey: All right, Michael has provided proof.

Shannon: Tyler has provided Michael’s proof.

Jane: Receipts, guys.

Michael: I guess what they say about the internet is true.

Jane: Be careful what you say.

Nicole: That’s why I don’t use social media!

Michael: It lives on forever.

Tyler: Unlike the boys in They Both Die at the End.

Michael: TOO SOON.

Michael: Sorry, that was aggressive.

Jane: All right, Shannon, you’re in the hot seat now.


Shannon: I forgot all the books I read, ever.

Nicole: Oh no.

Jane: It’s fine, we can skip. We can come back.

Shannon: Literally any time anyone asks me anything about a book, I forget everything that I’ve ever read.

Audrey: Yep.

Tyler: Ugh, same.

Shannon: Bess asked me what I was reading recently and I panicked, forgot, and told her I was watching a lot of Netflix.

[Everyone laughing]

Audrey: That’s amazing. That’s amazing.

Shannon: I wanted to leap out of my desk.

Tyler: [Laughing]

Tyler: Did you ever remember?

Shannon: No, yeah, well, I told her one thing and that I wasn’t loving it. And then she asked what else I was reading, and I wasn’t reading anything else! And of course I forgot everything else I had read previously, so I’m like, “I don’t know, The Blacklist?” I’m so sorry.

Audrey: Do not be sorry.

Shannon: Anyway, as you were.

Nicole: I guess I’ll go next. I just finished The Tattooist of Auschwitz. That was—

Tyler: Oh.

Nicole: A very sad—

Audrey: Sounds like it’s going to be sad!

Nicole: Yeah, it’s one of our books, it’s an adult book. It’s about these two who fall in love when this guy becomes a tattooist, and the girl is getting tattooed, and he calms her down in the moment, and then he falls in love with her immediately, and they find each other throughout the camp. And he’s able to have special privileges, he gets food and stuff, and brings it to the girls. So it’s really intense, and really emotional.

Nicole: It’s kind of hopeful in a sad and dark story.

Jane: Oh, I’ve heard about this.

Audrey: But he’s also a prisoner?

Nicole: He’s also a prisoner, yes.

Tyler: Okay, I was going to say.

Nicole: No, he’s not like…

Michael: If he was like, killing people!

Nicole: No, he was saved by a man who was the original tattooist, and then that man goes missing and so he becomes the main tattooist. And then he ends up saving someone else and they work together throughout the whole book. It was pretty good. Overall, it wasn’t super sad, but there were moments in it that were like, okay, I’m on the bus and there are people around, and I need to not look like I’m crying.

Shannon: That subway read.

Nicole: Yeah.

Shannon: Take comfort in the fact that it’s definitely not the weirdest thing that’s ever happened on a bus.

Team Epic Reads Reveals the Last Books That Made Them Cry[All laughing]

Nicole: Definitely not.

Jane: Tell us more.

Tyler: Do we want to hear more?

Jane: No, maybe not.

Audrey: 100% not.

Michael: I cry on the subway a lot.


Nicole: [Laughing]

Audrey: Thank you, Michael.

Michael: Someone else say they do too!

Jane: No, well, kind of! If I’m reading like a sad—

Michael: I just cry like, three times a week.

Audrey: We actually discussed earlier this week after Dumplin’  that I have a very strict ‘no crying on the subway’ policy.

Team Epic Reads Reveals the Last Books That Made Them Cry

Michael: Really?

Audrey: Yeah, because I was like, I’m not, like…

Michael: I’ll just like, be in the mood where anything will make me cry.

Audrey: [Under her breath] No crying on the subway.

Nicole: There was one time I was crying at the bus stop, and no joke, not one person looked at me weird, or helped, or asked if I was okay.

Jane: I feel like it’s pretty common to see someone crying in the city!

Audrey: No, yeah, you definitely just walk by people when they’re crying. Unless they look like they’re waiting to ask them about it, but most people are just on their phone crying about something.

Tyler: I was rewatching The Office again and it was the one when Pam failed art school, and she’s just like, crying on a bench as everyone walks by. And I’m like, this is New York.

Audrey: Yep.

Jane: Yeah.

Tyler: It’s, they nailed it.

Michael: What you have to avoid when you’re crying on a subway is if you’re standing right across from someone sitting down, like, if they’re sitting there—

Audrey: Are they going to give you their seat?

Michael: No. They just get very uncomfortable.

Audrey: I was about to be like, now that’s a move.

Jane: While the tears are just—

Michael: No, they’re just like, this is their face.

Michael: [Grimacing]

Audrey: I worry about that with like, iced coffee.

Nicole: That’s so considerate of you.

Audrey: Well if, when you watch it, it’s super awkward. If you watch it drip, and you’re like, that spot right there, courtesy of me!

Shannon: There was a guy, I got on the train and I was standing and he gets up, and he’s like, “sit!” No, no, I’m totally fine, but he was like, “No, sit! Sit!” And I was like, okay, I guess I’m going to sit. And then he had a Coke, and he kept spilling it on me! I could’ve been standing at least four feet away.

Audrey: What container was this in that it was spilling so easily?!

Shannon: It was a glass bottle, and he wasn’t like, pouring it on me, but he would be drinking it, and—

Audrey: That’s so much worse than what I was imagining, which was like…

Jane: The condensation!


Michael: Wait, you’re recording this?!

Nicole: I hate my voice.

Michael: Remind me not to speak again.

Tyler: Well, I regret pitching this round table concept because I don’t cry reading books.

Audrey: Ever?!

Nicole: Not even one time?

Tyler: I just like, don’t cry. I teared up watching Dumplin’, but I like, can’t. I looked through all my Goodreads books, and I thought I was going to cry during Autoboyography—I had to put it down because I thought it was going to end badly.

Audrey: Mhm…

Tyler: But then I just went back to it and kept reading.

Jane: I cry during everything. I cry during horror movies.

Tyler: She cried during The Ring II.

Shannon: I cried during The Ring I because I was terrified.

Audrey: I feel like if I was that scared I would leave! No?

Jane: It wasn’t like a scared thing!

Tyler: She was sad.

Jane: I was sad!

Nicole: You were sad about The Ring?

Jane: Listen, the mom had to like—

Audrey: You don’t even have time to get attached to anybody in The Ring.

Jane: So, the little boy, Samara had possessed him, right. And the mom could only get rid of the girl by drowning her son! And it was really sad.

Shannon: Good god.

Nicole: Just take your son and go somewhere else!

Audrey: Why are you drowning your son?! Just raise them both together.

Jane: He needs to be exorcised!

Nicole: Who cares?!

Nicole: I’m taking my son and leaving. I’m not drowning my son!

Jane: But the demon is inside him!

Audrey: This derailed.

Michael: Wait, but guys, The Ring came back.

Tyler: Yeah, Rings.

Jane: I never watched it.

Michael: Jane, you never gave your pick.

Jane: Oh yeah, so, besides scary movies, happy books also make me cry.

Nicole: My god.

Jane: I cry over everything, but it’s going to officially be The Way You Make Me Feel, by Maurene Goo, which is like, a rom-com, it’s a funny book! But there’s this great parent relationship with the main character, and well, I get really weepy when it comes to family relationships.

Audrey: I’ll just tell you that Jane pitched this book to me for a happy books roundup not that long ago! And now—

Jane: It made me cry, okay.

Nicole: Was it a happy cry?

Jane: [Shakes head]

Nicole: Oh. It was a sad cry.

Jane: Yeah, I totally cried, because she gets in a fight with her dad who raised her and then she’s like, I want to go to the fun parent! And then the fun parent disappoints her. And she goes back to her dad and apologizes, and there’s just like, lots of feels. I was happy and sad. But, you know. Tyler doesn’t feel anything so I have to feel everything for us.

Audrey: … Really, nothing? Nothing has made you cry?

Team Epic Reads Reveals the Last Books That Made Them CryTyler: I don’t think so!

Nicole: Nothing?

Tyler: Just like…

Nicole: No character’s that like—

Jane: He’s the black heart emoji.

Tyler: Yeah, no, I was trying to think of books, and like—

Audrey: I’m trying to think of the character who I’ve been the most upset when they died.

Jane: Marley and Me.

Everyone: Awe.

Michael: Spoilers!

Audrey: If you spoil that for somebody then like, that’s on them.

Shannon: Honestly though, after I read that when I was little, I just sobbed violently in my bed for like four hours straight.

Audrey: I will always cry when a dog dies.

Nicole: That’s because dogs don’t deserve to die.

Michael: History Is All You Left Me?

Tyler: History Is All You Left Me like, depressed me and left me empty inside, but I didn’t cry. I just stared at the wall for five minutes, and was like, okay.

Jane: Okay, I feel like that is your crying! Staring at the wall for a couple hours.

Tyler: [Shrugs]

Jane: Well, I’m putting Shannon back in the hot seat while Tyler thinks of something.

Tyler: Oh yeah, go back.

Shannon: I think one of the last books that made me cry was Now Is Everything. It’s about this teenage girl and it’s set in two different—I don’t want to say time periods, because they’re within a year of each other, but two different settings, which I’m discovering I really love reading.

Jane: Before and after.

Shannon: Yeah, that’s a better way to put it. 2016, and 2016 plus six months.

Shannon: But it’s about this girl who is horribly abused by her horrendous father, and she does everything she can to keep her younger sister from, first of all, experiencing it, but also even knowing what’s going on, which is really powerful to read. Because she’s been trying so hard at the expense of… kind of everything else in her life to protect her younger sister. And her mother is also abused and has kind of internalized it, and then it’s just like…

Jane: It’s like an endless cycle.

Shannon: Exactly, yeah. Because the mother isn’t really a great mother, but you know that it’s a product of the abuse she faced from her husband, but it’s also that you don’t like her anyway. Which is kind of troubling to think like that, because you’re like, I understand you, but I still kind of hate you a little bit.

Jane: It’s like you wish they could rise above what happened to them to at least save their children.

Shannon: Exactly, yeah, and then the whole plane crash thing that unravels—

Audrey: Yes! I did read this! I was like, does this open with a plane crash, but that’s a weird question to insert into a conversation.

Shannon: Yeah, and the whole… this whole thing is really sad. I cried a lot.

Shannon: But I mean, it turned out I really loved it. It was such beautiful writing, and I liked it a lot.

Jane: I sense a theme, at least for you, me, and Audrey. We all picked books that have family themes that we cried over.

Michael: Did you cry over Call Me By Your Name?

Nicole: [Gasps]

Tyler: No, because I listened to the audiobook after I saw the movie. I knew what was coming.

Shannon: I still haven’t read the book, but the movie just like, put me in my feelings for a solid week.

Michael: The book is better.

Audrey: I feel like an audiobook wouldn’t make me cry though. Because it’s somebody just like, telling you to cry. Like, no.

Audrey: No I will not, Armie Hammer.

Shannon: I watched that movie with my friend, and then like five minutes later—

Michael: The Wolf by Wolf series. Sorry.

Shannon: That’s okay.

Michael: I’m still trying to make him cry.

Audrey: Blood for Blood was very emotional.

Michael: Crooked Kingdom?

Tyler: I liked Six of Crows better.

Shannon: All right, well.

Michael: What about Carry On?

Jane: I don’t know, I loved it but I didn’t even cry with that one.

Audrey: Wait, what is Sabrina’s favorite?

Tyler: I’ll Give You the Sun.


Jane: Emotionless.

Audrey: The Serpent King? Did you read The Serpent King?

Tyler: I did, I love The Serpent King. But no.

Audrey: Wow. You said it with such conviction.

Jane: Like, no! Definitely not!

Tyler: I didn’t cry, because I didn’t see it coming! I was like, what? I had to go back and reread it because I think I was in shock. It’s like how I was with the end of Lord of Shadows too! Something very emotional and traumatic happened but I didn’t see it coming, so instead of being like, properly emotionally wrecked by it, I’m just like, what?!

Audrey: What about the fourth Harry Potter at the end? Or book six?

Nicole: Or any of them.

Audrey: Anything after book three.

Shannon: Did you never cry reading Harry Potter? When Dobby died, I lost my ever loving mind.

Team Epic Reads Reveals the Last Books That Made Them Cry

Tyler: I mean, I don’t remember? But probably not.

Jane: It was so sad!

Michael: Wow, another spoiler!

Shannon: It’s not a spoiler. It can’t—

Michael: I know, I’m kidding. I just never read them.

[All talking at once]

Audrey: I cried so much for Cedric Diggory. And I just never, I didn’t even know who this was. But I was very upset that people could die in this world, so it was just like, how dare you?

Nicole: Now they just kill people off.

Audrey: Now everyone’s at risk.

Michael: I’m just going through my old things to see what made me cry.

Shannon: Yeah, same.

Jane: Do you guys have a list of books that made you cry?

Shannon: Oh no, Goodreads.

Audrey: When in doubt, consult Goodreads.

Michael: What about the last Hunger Games? Mockingjay?

Tyler: I don’t want to talk about Mockingjay.

Nicole: I think it was my least favorite, but also I think that about every series.

Tyler: You just don’t like series.

Nicole: Yeah, I’m not really a big series person.

Jane: But there are some sequels that are better than the first!

Nicole: True.

Michael: No.

Jane: Yes!

Nicole: I’m still waiting for the fourth book to come out so I can read Two Dark Reigns.

Audrey: I need time to process the end of the third.

Michael: Still?

Audrey: When I stop to think about it, I just get upset again.

Jane: I still have conspiracy theories.

Nicole: Don’t tell me, don’t tell me.

Audrey: Are we both hanging on to the same hope?

Tyler: Yeah.

Jane: Yeah, that Tyler keeps telling us no!

Audrey: We won’t spoil it.

Jane: All right, I think this is where we end this round table discussion.

Tyler: Should we like, say something?

Audrey: Wait, this is a video?

Nicole: Don’t worry, it was down the whole time.

Jane: It’s just the ceiling.

Michael: Delete your account.

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