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Our Top 5 Reasons You Need to See The Hate U Give Movie



Our Top 5 Reasons You Need to See The Hate U Give Movie

Our Top 5 Reasons You Need to See The Hate U Give Movie

… And trust us, there are way more than five.

BUT THIS IS IT, YALL! THIS IS THE WEEK! As we’re writing this, in just a few days, The Hate U Give will open in theaters everywhere, nationwide, total rollout. The Hate U Give was THE book to read this year (and last year, and probably next year, too…), and we can’t wait for you to see the movie, because yes, it absolutely lives up to the book’s expectations.

Like we said, there are so many reasons why you should see this movie, but we gathered a few major ones, just in case you’re somehow still unsure.


5 Reasons to See The Hate U Give Movie


1. It’s shedding light on a crucial issue affecting our country

The Black Lives Matter movement has been in the news for a while now, and with much controversy. But, for those who are a bit unsure why this movement started in the first place, seeing The Hate U Give is the perfect jumping off point to educate yourselves. As Angie said before, “Oscar was a young man who was killed by police, and at the time I remember wondering what would happen if that took place in my neighborhood, how would we react?”

This movie contextualizes the issues of police brutality by showing an innocent kid, who you come to adore at the beginning of the movie, get killed right before your very eyes—and how it affects a friend, a family, and a community.


2. But with its sadness, it still manages to have heart and humor

For those who have read The Hate U Give (and if you haven’t… seriously? Come on now), you know that one of its strengths is tackling such a hard topic, but also finding ways to show, through all the hardships and an imperfect family, joy and love. You’re somehow able to bawl your eyes out and, in the very next scene, laugh hysterically—and the movie catches the magic of thes emoments entirely the same.


3. Angie Thomas has a cameo in the movie

You read that right… OUR VERY OWN ANGIE THOMAS IS IN THE MOVIE! While we can’t tell you when or how (see tweet above), we can say it’s at a turning point for Starr, and it’s the PERFECT time for Angie to grace us with her presence. Seriously, our whole theater gasped and started clapping. It’s that good.


4. Director George Tillman Jr. called Angie for advice… a lot

We can’t blame him, can we? Apparently, George wanted to make sure Angie’s vision truly came to life, and got her opinion and input on lots of things. And yes, that includes everything from the vibe in whole scenes, to small details in Starr’s bedroom. You’ll see how adorable it is—and how well the movie captures the characters—when you watch it!


5. And speaking of, the cast and crew became Angie’s second family

We mean, just look how close Angie and Amandla have gotten! You can tell the cast fell in love with The Hate U Give… hard. And they’re just as supportive and in love with Angie as we are! We think that love and support of the book totally shines through in their performances, and we cannot wait for you to see it!


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