How Many YA Series Can You Read In 100 Hours?


How Many YA Series Can You Read In 100 Hours?

100 Hours by Rachel Vincent
We did some #math to find out what favorite YA series we could read in their entirety in 100 hours, inspired by Rachel Vincent’s novel 100 Hours!
100 Hours starts out on what you think is going to be about a glamorous spring break, but ends up being a terrifying survival story when a group of friends gets kidnapped and held for ransom in the jungle. As the hours count down, only one thing’s for certain: If the hostages can’t escape, or the captors don’t get paid before time runs out, no one will make it out alive…
So of course that got us thinking that if we were kidnapped, and might only have 100 hours left to live, we’d want to cram in as much reading as possible with our remaining time on earth. SO we did some #math to find out what favorite YA series we could read in their entirety in 100 hours or less, just in case. The average person reads about 200 words per minute. Under extreme conditions (like in 100 Hours), we think you’d probably read a bit faster than that, but we’ll go with 200- for the sake of math.
Let’s see what we can accomplish.
YA Series You Can Read in 100 Hours or Less - infographic by @EpicReads

Harry Potter

Word Count: 1,084,170
Time: 90 hours
This gives you just enough time (10 hours) to reflect on the perfection of these books. A highly recommended choice.
Add Graceling to your Goodreads shelf!

Lord of the Rings

Word Count: 564,698
Time: 47 hours
You could comfortably read the entire series twice and die knowing everything there is to know about it.
Add Lord Of the Rings to your Goodreads shelf!

I Am Number Four Series

Word Count: 587,218
Time: 49 hours
With a little more than half your time remaining you could probably also tackle all 15 of the novellas (sorry we couldn’t add up all those) (Actually we just didn’t want to).
Add I Am Number Four  to your Goodreads shelf!

The Selection Series

Word Count: 29,0924
Time: 24 hours
If you add in Happily Ever After and The Siren, you’re looking at 38.83 hours of pure romantic Kiera Cass bliss, giving you ample time to discuss Aspen vs. Maxon and America vs. Eadlyn with your captors.
Add The Selection Series to your Goodreads shelf!

The Hunger Games

Word Count: 305,800
Time: 25 hours and 48 minutes
If you read fast you might be able to read the whole trilogy 4 times. Or you could just keep re-reading Catching Fire, because everyone knows it’s the best one.
Add The Hunger Games to your Goodreads shelf!

The Divergent Series

Word Count: 332,043
Time: 27  hours
This leaves you WAY more than enough time to read the Four Novellas, and obviously you’re going to want to read them because like… Four.
Add Divergent to your Goodreads shelf!

Shatter Me Series

Word Count: 396, 800
Time: 26 hours and 27 minutes
You’re probably going to want to read chapter 55 (Unravel Me) and Chapter 62 (Ignite Me) multiple times so you’ve got a lot of wiggle room take your time.
Add Shatter Me to your Goodreads shelf!

Legend Series

Word Count: 362,080
Time: 24 hours and 7 minutes
Throw in the Novellas and you’ll still have more than enough time to come up with a #flawless escape plan inspired by the characters of The Legend Series.
Add Legend to your Goodreads shelf!

The Grisha Trilogy

Word Count: 322,400
Time: 28 Hours and 50 minutes
This seems like pretty ideal seeing as I’ll need about 72 hours and 10 minutes to smell those beautiful Crooked Kingdom red pages, and obsessed over these maps.
Add The Grisha Trilogy to your Goodreads shelf!

The Darkest Minds

Word Count: 644,800
Time: 42 Hours and 30 minutes.
We suggest you spend the rest of the time reading one of the other names series OR fantasizing about how amazing Mandy Moore and Amandla Stenberg are going to be in this movie!!!!
Add The Darkest Minds to your Goodreads shelf!


Word Count: 473,960
Time: 33 Hours and 11 minutes
We suggest going through this one twice and taking notes which will ultimately lead to you kicking some serious kidnapper a$$ and give yourself all the time in the world to read, read, read.
Add Graceling to your Goodreads shelf!

Decisions, decisions. What books would you want to read if you only had 100 hours? Tell us in the comments below!

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