Series Recap: MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza


Series Recap: MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza

Series Recap: MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza
Our favorite teenage-girl-discovers-she’s-an-android saga has finally come to an end and we have a recap ready for you! The end is here for the MILA 2.0 series, but before you read the final book, MILA 2.0: REDEMPTION, author Debra Driza is recapping the characters and top moments from the first two books!
⛔️ WARNING: There are major spoilers ahead!!! ⛔️
Debra Driza’s MILA 2.0 series recap


Sixteen-year-old Mila thinks struggling with her father’s recent death, her mom Nicole moving them to Nowhere, Minnesota, and falling in love is with Hunter is hard enough—until she discovers the truth. Her name is an acronym for Mobile Intelligent Lifelike Android.  Her emotions are intense; her strength and fighting skills, top-notch. Human or machine, girl or weapon—which is it? While running for her life, Mila must also figure out who—or what—she really is.
Nicole Laurent
A former scientist for a top secret military project, Nicole is brainy, nervy, and cool-under-pressure. When she realizes that General Holland is abusing his power in the MILA project, she steals the man-made replica of her deceased daughter, Sarah, and runs, posing as Mila’s mom. Nicole loves Mila, and risks everything to give her a chance at a real life.
Hunter Lowe
The floppy-haired, manga-loving, sensitive boy that Mila falls for in Minnesota, when she still thinks she’s a normal girl. The two lonely newcomers bond, but their burgeoning relationship is cut short when Mila is forced to flee for her life. Hunter drops everything to come to her aid when she calls and a road trip follows, but Mila’s secrets about her identity and the clandestine organizations hunting her down plunge them both into danger.
The Dairy Queen-loving, mile-a-minute talking small town girl who’d love to escape the pastures of Clearwater for more exciting terrain. Kaylee befriends Mila at school, but things turn sour when Kaylee goes all mean-girl over the new boy, Hunter.
Lucas Webb
Techie wunderkind Lucas first meets Mila in General Holland’s secret DC compound, where he serves as proctor to all of the horrific tests Holland has in store. But it doesn’t take Holland’s reluctant nephew long to realize that Mila is more of a human than his uncle will ever be. Off-beat yet endearing, Lucas is always there when Mila needs him most. What’s more, he accepts her for who—and what—she really is.
General Holland
The sadistic, power-hungry head of the classified MILA project. General Holland is relentless in his efforts to reclaim his experiment, and casualties are a price he’s more than willing to pay. He’s the man responsible for Nicole’s death, and he’ll stop at nothing to exploit Mila for his own secretive reasons—even if his end goal may be Mila’s termination.
Three (aka MILA 3.0)
Mila’s identical android-twin, a later version created by Holland to have little to no real emotion. Where Mila is ruled by feelings, Three is ruled by obedience to Holland and dispassionate appraisal, and was constructed to be a more efficient weapon.
Daniel Lusk
Daniel is another scientist who worked in the military under Holland with Nicole. He and Nicole were happily married for years, but things broke down when they lost their daughter, Sarah, in a suspicious fire. Nicole tells Mila he died in a fire as part of their cover story, but in reality, he is alive and well, and working for one of the groups trying to hunt Mila down. His skepticism over using Sarah’s body as the model for the classified MILA android development project caused a rift with his wife. Unlike Nicole, Daniel runs hot; his emotions blatant for all to see.
A broad, sturdy young Scot, and a member of Quinn’s Vita Obscura. Mila takes an instant liking to Samuel’s humor and easy smile back at Quinn’s secret lab. Samuel is there when Quinn performs the experimental procedure to shut down Mila’s emotions, but he quits the group in disgust when he sees the ramifications of Quinn’s actions.
Friends with Samuel, and another member of Quinn’s Vita Obscura hacker team. Blond, thin, and quiet, Abby may look meek but can hold her own. In her short time at Quinn’s compound, Abby strikes up a tentative friendship with Mila.
The beautiful, manipulative leader of the Vita Obscura, a group that steals technology and information from the government and shares it with the people. Quinn has a score to settle with General Holland, her former mentor and lover, and thinks nothing of using Mila to exact revenge—even at the cost of human life.

Top Five Moments from Book 1:

1. The moment when Mila first discovers she’s an android:

All three of us stared at my arm. And stared. And stared. It was like none of us could believe what we were seeing.
My arm wasn’t bleeding at all. There was a huge, gaping tear in my skin, but no blood. No blood. No blood because instead of blood, a thin film of red had ruptured, allowing some disgusting milky-white liquid to leach from the wound and trickle down my elbow.


2. When Mila thwarts an attacker in her mom’s motel room by stabbing him in the brachial plexus with a plug:

Midair, I yanked the plug away from the hair dryer. He’d already grabbed a gun with his right hand and was rolling onto his side, sweeping the weapon in an arc that would reach Mom.
I landed beside him, hip first, taking aim as I slid across the carpet. Then, I shoved the plug into the mass of nerves in his armpit, the brachial plexus.
Target:  Immobilized.

3. Mila’s first introduction to Lucas Webb and Three, her android-twin.

Two…can you hear me?
The raspy voice echoed directly inside my head.
What the hell? I lurched backward, my hands flying to my ears, while my eyes darted toward Three. No reaction there. She stood patiently, staring up at the boy like an obedient dog.

4. When Mila’s mom suffers a fatal gunshot wound at Holland’s hand:

Mom heaved a big, ragged sigh. I whirled to her, in time to see her pale eyelids flutter closed.
“No—don’t close your eyes!”
Her fingers, once so strong and warm, chilled on my arm.
Critical blood loss: Probable
Heart failure:  Probable.
Organ failure:  Probable.

5. When Mila is reunited with Hunter:

I paused just before I reached him, suddenly realizing what I was doing and how everyone was staring, and good grief, that he was probably expecting a handshake and here I was, about to plow him to the ground. But then he opened his arms, and I flung myself in them.
Well, carefully flung, of course. Tackling my dream boy with the force of three juiced-up linebackers, as Kaylee used to say, probably wasn’t the best way to make an impression.

Top Five Moments from Book 2:

1. The moment that Mila sees her supposedly deceased “father” for the very first time:

I staggered back a step, recognition tingling along my skin like electricity. That voice. It was raspy from the number I’d done on his throat, but even so….that same voice had played, over and over again, in my memories. That voice had soothed childhood injuries, cheered at Phillies’ games, laughed at the beach.
That voice matched the face, exactly—the face that belonged to my “dad.”

2. Mila’s final showdown with Three:

Ahead of me, the semi loomed, completely blocking the intersection, like a giant metal whale.
Three slowly arched my head backward, backward. Wind tore at my skin. The handgrips started slipping out of reach.
Collision Imminent

3. The moment when Hunter realizes that Mila isn’t human:

His lips moved, but the only thing I heard was a sharp hiss of air between his teeth. Finally, he said, “I don’t understand…”
In angry disbelief, Hunter backed away from me, one, two, three, steps. Like I was something too terrible to touch.

4. When Mila, under the influence of Quinn’s experiment, shoots Hunter’s stepdad:

Without emotions to hold me back, it was a simple thing. Cake. I simply squeezed the trigger, and sent the bullet flying. A small red circle bloomed in the middle of Peyton’s forehead, before his entire body jerked back against the chair. A moment later, he slumped, while somewhere behind me a girl shrieked.

5. In the desert with Lucas at the very end, when Mila discovers Holland planted a bomb inside her:

Around us, there was nothing—just mounds of sand and the whisper of the intermittent breeze, and in the distance, a few stray cacti. Lucas was talking, but for once, I couldn’t focus. All I could see were Quinn’s and Samuel’s faces, frowning at something that showed up on my abdominal scan. All I could hear was that one word, beating a terrifying drum in my soul.
Bomb. Bomb.

Up Next: MILA 2.0: Redemption

Mila 2.0: RedemptionMila has been running for her life for so long. But that was before she betrayed Hunter, the boy she’ll always love, and before she discovered she was an incredible danger to anyone who dares to get close to her.
Now she’s gone into hiding with friend and tech expert Lucas. But when Mila discovers that her enemy General Holland is an even bigger threat to humanity than she is, she must make a choice: either push aside her fears and fight him with everything she’s got . . . or turn her back on the world forever.
MILA 2.0: REDEMPTION is on sale now and we can’t wait to hear what you think about the trilogy’s conclusion!

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