Series Recap: TWINMAKER


Series Recap: TWINMAKER

Series Recap: TWINMAKER

Here’s a series recap for all you Twinmaker trilogy fans just in case you’re having trouble remembering where we last left our heroes. Before you read Hollowgirl, the final book in the series, author Sean Williams is here with a recap of everything you need to know!

WARNING: Series Spoilers Ahead!


Clair is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. At least, it seems ordinary to her. She’s 17 and doesn’t know what to do when she finishes school. She isn’t super-strong or super-smart. Her super-skills are stubbornness and loyalty. If you’re her friend and you get into trouble, she will stop at nothing–literally nothing–to make sure you’re okay.

Libby is Clair’s best friend and exact opposite in every way. She’s popular and always the height of fashion, but at the same time she can be flighty and insecure. She’s influenced by what people think of her and can’t bear the thought of being imperfect. The huge birthmark on her face is the bane of her very existence.

Zep is handsome and popular, like Libby. They make the perfect couple, except maybe they’re bit too similar. He’s smart enough to recognize a good catch in Clair, but dumb enough to think he’s actually got a shot with her. He’s the guy in every school who doesn’t have to try to be good at anything, and maybe never learns how to, even when his life depends on it.

Jesse hides. He hides from his father, who is an extremist about never using d-mat and has raised Jesse to be just like him. Which he is, although like all teenagers Jesse would love to be his own person. Being that Jesse at school isn’t an option, though, because there he’s either picked on or avoided–and Clair, the girl he’s liked from afar for years, doesn’t even know he exists.

Ant Wallace basically runs the world, or likes to think he does. As the man in charge of d-mat, he’s in a perfect position to influence people with small bribes, like, oh, immortality, physical perfection, and ultimate power. He loves his wife, even though she doesn’t love him back. She’d do anything to get away from him, if only he’d let her.

Devin & Trevin are identical twins with the most complicated family life imaginable. Like Jesse, they’ve been raised by a fanatical single parent, but in their case their mom wants people to use d-mat more, not less. They’ve been raised to think that changing their bodies by means of technology and making the future in their image is perfectly normal. Everyone else just has to catch up with them.

Q is a child of a futuristic age, and she’s growing fast. The first person she met was Clair, and she quickly decided that they would be friends. She loves books and playing with words and learning everything she can about her new best friend. The hardest lesson she’ll have to learn is that humans aren’t perfect. And neither is she.

Twinmaker Synopsis

Clair Hill is an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world. She and her best friend Libby make a pretty good team, although cracks are starting to show. Clair has spent her life in Libby’s shadow and has no experience in the spotlight, but now she’s got a stupid stereotypical crush on Libby’s boyfriend, Zep, and she’s not sure how to make it (or him) go away.

Her world is extraordinary because of one invention, d-mat, which saved everyone from global warming, poverty, and having to catch a bus anywhere ever again. Clair doesn’t think twice about stepping into a booth and being whisked off to the other side of the world in an instant because d-mat is designed to be utterly safe. And usually it is, until someone hacks it.

Improvement is a meme that’s spreading like wildfire through Clair’s school. It promises to make anyone better any way they want to be, just by following a few simple instructions. Totally illegal, of course, but worth a try, right? Libby believes so. Insecure, threatened, beautiful Libby, who will do anything to erase her one and only flaw.

When things go horribly wrong, it’s up to Clair and Jesse the school freak to save Libby from a fate literally worse than death–with the help of a new friend who might not be human at all.

Crashland Synopsis

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. Clair has learned the truth of that saying the hard way, because everything she did to save Libby only made things worse. She’s put her family in danger. She’s seen loved ones die. She exposed a conspiracy that’s now hunting her in stolen bodies that can be copied over and over. She lied to the person who trusted her the most, and by sacrificing herself she broke d-mat completely.

The only good thing in her life is her relationship with Jesse–and even that won’t last, she fears, because they will never agree on anything, ever.

With the help of new allies who sometimes seem as bad as her enemies, Clair must avoid assassination while at the same time trying to find Q: the wonder-child who holds everyone’s future in her hands.

At the back of Clair’s mind is the hope that she might be able to bring Libby back, along with everyone else Improvement damaged or killed. But as the stakes get higher, the bubble of safety around her shrinks, and Clair is forced to make a devil’s bargain simply to save herself.

What to Expect from Hollowgirl

How many times can one person destroy the world?

Third time’s the charm.

Clair’s world has been destroyed—again. The only remaining hope of saving her friends is for her and Q to enter the Yard, the digital world of Ant Wallace’s creation. The rules are the same as those of the real world: Water is real; fire is real; death is real. But in the Yard there are two Clair Hills, and their very existence causes cracks that steadily widen.

Getting inside is the easy part. Once there, she has to earn the trust of her friends, including the girl who started it all—her best friend, Libby. Together they must fight their way through the digital and political minefield in the hope of saving the world once and for all. And this time Clair has to get it right . . . or lose everything.

Hollowgirl goes on sale November 3, 2015!

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