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A Guide to the Lovable Characters in Becky Albertalli’s Simonverse


A Guide to the Lovable Characters in Becky Albertalli’s Simonverse

If you haven’t read SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA yet, first of all, how dare you, and second, now is the perfect time to do so. You see, there are now THREE books in the set in the ‘Simon Universe,’ SIMON VS., THE UPSIDE OF UNREQUITED, and now there’s also LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT – the sequel to SIMON!
And all three of these books are actually interconnected through the characters – many of whom make appearances in each other’s books. That’s why we call it the ‘Simonverse.’ Now, if you’re having trouble remembering those details, we get it. That’s why we’ve made this infographic; a who’s who of the Simon Universe to remind you that this character is related to that character and SIMON is connected to UPSIDE through these people. You know us. Team Epic Reads, here for all your ‘Simon-verse’ needs!
Scroll down to get the breakdown of our faves in the Simonverse!

Who’s Who in the Simonverse ⬇️

Who's Who in the Simonverse
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Here’s more information on all these lovable characters! 

Molly Peskin-Suso: Molly is a Pinterest-loving, cardigan-wearing ball of anxiety (but in a CHARMING way). She doesn’t have a lot of experience yet with romantic relationships, but she’s VERY experienced at pining, yearning, and crushing. She lives outside of Washington DC with her two moms, her baby brother, and her twin sister…
Cassie Peskin-Suso: Cassie is kind of a badass and kind of my hero. She’s brave, outspoken, bossy, and fiercely loyal. Cassie also has a ton of game, and is excellent at getting girls to fall in love with her. She and Molly are super close, and they have the best girl squad ever, including their friend Olivia and their cousin…
Abby Suso: Abby is a total sunshine person. She’s smart, earnest, funny, and well-liked – but I suspect she doesn’t have it all figured out as much as we think she does. Abby grew up outside DC with Molly and Cassie, but she moved to Atlanta before her junior year of high school. There, she quickly befriended…
Simon Spier: Simon is an adorably clueless, Oreo-loving music nerd who hates conflict and is very ambivalent about change. He has two sisters, a Golden Retriever named Bieber, and a very cute boyfriend. He lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, a few streets away from his childhood BFF…
Nick Eisner: Nick is a guitar-playing, classic rock-loving soccer champ who isn’t always eager to talk about his feelings, but is usually up for a philosophical debate. He and Simon have been inseparable since they were four years old, but in sixth grade, they looped in…
Leah Burke: Leah can be prickly and cynical, but she’s secretly a softie. She’s a talented artist and drummer, though she sometimes needs to be coaxed out of her comfort zone. Nothing is more important to Leah than her friendships – which start to get very complicated during her senior year of high school.

We hope that this guide is super helpful! Who’s your favorite character in the Simonverse? Tell us in the comments below!
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