Sister, Sister: 17 YA Sisters We Love



Sister, Sister: 17 YA Sisters We Love

17 YA Sisters We Love In YA via EpicReads
Sea of Shadows is the first book in Kelley Armstrong’s newest YA series and besides having all the otherworldly elements we love in a fantasy: sorcery, spirit animals, possessed corpses, etc., it stars two sisters, Ashyn and Moria, who are about as badass as siblings come – so much so that we wanted to go back and revisit our other favorite sisters in literature.

What’s Left of Me

Addie and Eva
These sisters are as close as it gets when it comes to sisters…they share the same body.


Little Women

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy
These young ladies taught us that a crowded house means always having someone to hang out with, and even if that someone throws the cherished manuscript you’ve been working on into the fire, everything can turn alright in the end because you’re sisters.

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Mind Games

Annie & Fia
Who better to keep your secrets than your sister? Especially the ones that can get you killed, like being able to see the future or having flawless instincts.


Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Lydia and Catherine
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that five sisters having extremely different personalities shall have varying and occasionally hilarious adventures trying to find a husband.


The Hunger Games

Katniss and Prim
Is there a greater sacrifice than taking the place of your sister in a series of horrifyingly competitive and gruesome death games? I VOLUNTEER AS SISTER.


Sisters Red

Scarlett & Rosie
Trying to get some space and live your own life gets complicated when you and your sister are thick as thieves and she is a vengeful werewolf slayer armed with a hatchet.


Imaginary Girls

Chloe and Ruby
There’s nothing like finding a corpse in a river and a deeply suppressed secret to teach us about the complexity of sisterhood.



Cordy and Lex
Twins don’t necessarily have to act similar just because they look similar; specifically when one of you develops intense rage issues because you’re actually a Grim Reaper.


Love Letters to the Dead

Laurel and May
Understanding your sister can help you understand yourself, even if it means confronting her flaws.


Going Vintage

Mallory and Ginny
Your little sister will be your number one cheerleader when you decide to reject technology after your boyfriend cheats on you with a cyber-girlfriend named BubbleYum.


Cruel Beauty

Nyx and Astraia
Being twin sisters gets tough, particularly when you have been selected to sacrifice your life for your kingdom and she gets to live.


Born Wicked

Cate and Co.
Being the oldest sister means having to be the responsible one, like when you have to make sure that no one finds out that you’re witches, your dead mother’s diary holds a secret that could destroy you, and your choices determine the fate of everyone.


Slice of Cherry

Kit and Fancy
Having a sister means having someone to share your favorite activities with, such as going on an uncontrollable murder bender!



Cath and Wren
Letting go of your twin sister’s hand doesn’t mean you have to let her go.


The Selection

America and May
Looking up to your older sister is easy when she is competing in a widely televised selection event to win the hand of a prince.


The Murder Complex

Meadow and Perri
Protecting your little sister gets complicated in a blood-soaked world where the murder rate is higher than the birthrate.



Azalea and 11 OTHER SISTERS
When you have this many sisters it helps to keep track of them when their names are in alphabetical order. . . it also helps when you spend every night dancing together in a magic realm!


Who are your favorite sisters in YA? Tell us in the comments below!


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