Songs in the Mood for Madness: A Reading Playlist



Songs in the Mood for Madness: A Reading Playlist

Happy Friday readers! To kick off the weekend, we have a special blog post from Megan Shepherd, author of the upcoming THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER – a gothic suspense trilogy inspired by H. G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau, on sale January 29th.
Below is a reading playlist (listen to all the songs here!) Megan put together for the Epic Reads community and if you tell us (and Megan) what you think by commenting below, you’ll be entered to win an advance copy of her book!
Now, onto the playlist!
The Madman's Daughter cover


by Megan Shepherd
I am lucky to have friends with impeccable and diverse taste in music. On a beach vacation with several friends, I casually mentioned that I wanted to put together a playlist of songs that fit the different moods of The Madman’s Daughter, but that I wasn’t sure where to start. All I had to do was ask! My friends suggested the following songs. Not only do they capture the passion, emotion, melancholy, and madness within the pages of my book, but I listen to them whenever I’m feeling angsty or just need to close my eyes and be swept away to another place. Jeremy, Ana, and Jason, I owe you a big thanks!
Jun Miyake, “The Here and After”
There’s something so intriguing about the exotic sounds in this song. I love how the idea of “happily ever after” isn’t as simple as it sounds.
Florence and the Machine, “Seven Devils”
When I listen to this eerie, dramatic song, I think about how the greatest dangers come not always from outside, but often from something within each of us.
Arcade Fire, “Ocean of Noise”
From the claps of thunder at the beginning to the transition into lyrics about stormy seas, I can’t hear this song without thinking about how nature and human relationships mirror one another.
Azure Ray, “The Devil’s Feet”
Azure Ray’s mood hits the feel of The Madman’s Daughter so well that I included two of their songs! “The Devil’s Feet” tells a great fable about a girl who has to overcome a dangerous temptation.
TV on the Radio, “DLZ”
We all have a side that’s a little devious within us, and this song brings out that side in me when I’m writing about the darker things in the world.
Cat Power, “Werewolf”
Haunting female voices is a theme in this playlist, and this song has fantastic lyrics about the alluring power monsters can have on our emotions.
Danger Mouse featuring Jack White, “Two against One”
This song is a little crazy, a little whimsical, and totally cool. It makes me just want to hang out with friends and have fun.
Azure Ray, ”Sea of Doubts”
The lyrics of this song talk about taking a journey to get past fears and embrace life. It’s a hopeful message for a song that starts out melancholy.
Lykke Li, “Silent My Song”
To me, some of the lyrics in this song hint at the dangers that linger within the lines between science and art.
Manchester Orchestra, “Jimmy, He Whispers”
Every time I hear this song, I think about how complicated relationships can be, and how sometimes loyalty can lead us to overlook dangerous faults in one another.
The xx, “Infinity”
The mix of male and female vocals here makes me think of times I’ve tried to move on from relationships and how bittersweet and heartbreaking love can be.
Radiohead, “Everything in Its Right Place”
Nobody does creepily atmospheric lyrics and mood like Radiohead. This song captures the unsettling, split feeling that several characters experience during The Madman’s Daughter.
Agnes Obel, “Philharmonics”
I’d love to waltz to this strangely beautiful song that talks about how luxury and excess aren’t all that matter.
Portishead, “Mysterons”
These lyrics make me think of that old phrase “Be careful what you wish for.” Sometimes what we think we want ends up being exactly the last thing we need.
Joanna Newsom, “The Book of Right-On”
Joanna Newsom’s oddball voice is truly unique, and though the lyrics are vague, this song reminds me of how girls can be much stronger than many people think.
Mazzy Star, “Fade into You”
This heartbreaking, sweet song makes me think of how love is never perfect. We all have flaws, shortcomings; and sometimes love just misses the mark.
Agnes Obel, “Wallflower”
I like to think of this instrumental piece as a modern version of some of the haunting music young women might have played on the piano during the Victorian era.

What do you think of this playlist? Share your comments below for a chance to win an advance copy of the book and don’t forget to add The Madman’s Daughter to your wishlists!

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