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8 Key Ways to Keep Your Summer Reading on Track


8 Key Ways to Keep Your Summer Reading on Track

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We’re in the throes of summer right now, which means it’s time to celebrate the ultimate reading season! School’s out, beach days are in session, and there’s nothing like curling up in an air conditioned room with a book you’ve been looking forward to. Every book nerd knows that having fun in the sun and getting through the ever-growing TBR are not mutually-exclusive.

But a lot of readers put pressure on themselves to hit their reading goals during the summer! Whether it’s a school summer reading list or just catching up on the series that fell behind, there can be a lot to get through. Well—have no fear! We’re here to help you stay on track.


How to Be Summer Reading Saavy



1. Summer reading programs are where it’s at

If you’re looking for something official to keep yourself on track, local libraries, bookstores, and sometimes even schools will offer summer reading programs! These are designed to motivate you to read on a regular basis, and officially joining a group (maybe with incentives?) can make you feel like you’re part of a team working toward an important goal. And if you want something a little less IRL, join the Year of Epic Reads! With challenges weekly, monthly, and one for the whole summer season, we try to keep you on your toes.


2. Hit the library stacks

Public libraries are an incredible reading resource int he summertime. They can offer lots of different free events and programs geared toward readers like us, so grab your friends and check out what’s on the schedule each week! Plus, outside of these events, they’re quiet and cool. And librarians are full of expert reading recommendations. Add in all those stacks of books, and you can’t beat that on a hot summer day!


3. Bingeworthy books will save your sanity

Don’t get weighed down trying to get through all those books that you think you should read—or really need to read for school! Figure out some books that you really want to devour, and don’t forget about those series you keep putting off. Summertime is the perfect time to delve into one, because you can completely wreck your sleep schedule and read them all, right away, one after another. Pretend this isn’t us endorsing that.

You also don’t have to stick to physically reading books! If your eyes need a break from all that text, try a graphic novel or an audiobook. The important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing so you don’t get trapped in the “I should be reading” rut.


4. Book clubs, book clubs, book clubs

The only thing almost as fun as reading is finally getting the chance to talk about what you’re reading! Set up a book club with your friends and figure out how many books you want to read for the summer and beyond. It’ll keep you honest, help you get through slumps, and make the fun books even more fun. We’ve got a pretty easy guide to help you get going, or you can opt for something a little more digital!


5. Make it a habit

Try setting aside a specific time every day or night to read! It can really help you stay on top of your summer reading. First thing in the morning, during an afternoon break, or before bed at night—it doesn’t matter when during the day that you read, it just matters that you do. It’s more important to be consistent because that’s the only way you can turn this into a legitimate habit! Obvs you can read outside of this time, but always try to get it done during this set time, too.


6. Pop those earbuds in and listen up

Having trouble getting into a certain book? Listening to it may be an even better option. The words spoken aloud can make the story come alive—especially when they’re enhanced with the passion of the author, the expertise of an actor, or even, in some cases, sound effects! So in addition to reading on the go, these features may help you better understand what the characters are saying and how they feel, and they can enhance the vibe of the story’s setting. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some YA audiobooks that you won’t be able to stop listening to until you’re through.

And yes, audiobooks do count towards your reading goal. You can check some others out on our YouTube channel, where we post first chapter previews weekly!


7. Don’t get trapped inside one genre

Jumping between genres is the easiest way to keep things fresh while you’re reading. Fantasy worlds take a lot of investment to dive into, and too many thrillers in a row can dull down the hype that each individual story promises. If you feel some of that genre fatigue coming on, don’t let it catch! Skip around and try something new.


8. Keep calm and check it off

Keeping a reading record is one of the best ways to celebrate your successes and increase your motivation, so make sure you check that book off your list once you’ve finished! Reading programs often come with their own tracking system, but don’t discount simple tools like Goodreads and your own journals as well. We even like to keep track with what we’ve read each week by giving them a Bookstagram shout out!


What books are on your summer reading list? Let us know down below!

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