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Would You Survive a YA Science Fiction Novel?


Would You Survive a YA Science Fiction Novel?

Science fiction novels have some of the highest stakes imaginable—life-threatening space expeditions, wars against aliens, evil doppelgängers taking over, and so much more! Do you have what it takes to survive?
Well Leo and Naomi are both hoping they do in THE FINAL SIX! In this intense novel, Earth’s climate is deteriorating and humans need to find a new place to live ASAP. These two main characters are just a couple of 24 teens competing to win one of six spots on a space mission to set up a new colony, but there may be questionable motives behind the mission. It’s very THE MARTIAN meets THE HUNGER GAMES, and we are SO here for it.
If you’re intrigued, you can read the first four chapters now! Or, just see if you could survive!

Would You Survive a YA Science Fiction Novel?



When Leo and Naomi are drafted, along with twenty-two of the world’s brightest teenagers, into the International Space Training Camp, their lives are forever changed. Overnight, they become global celebrities in contention for one of the six slots to travel to Europa—Jupiter’s moon—and establish a new colony, leaving their planet forever. With Earth irreparably damaged, the future of the human race rests on their shoulders.
For Leo, an Italian championship swimmer, this kind of purpose is a reason to go on after losing his family. But Naomi, an Iranian-American science genius, is suspicious of the ISTC and the fact that a similar mission failed under mysterious circumstances, killing the astronauts onboard. She fears something equally sinister awaiting the Final Six beneath Europa’s surface.


Well, did you survive? Or were you doomed to a tragic fate? Let us know below!
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