Sweet Evil Series Recap


Sweet Evil Series Recap

We have a series recap for all you Sweet Evil fans who can’t quite remember what happens in the original trilogy! The SWEET EVIL trilogy may have ended, but there’s still more to the story. Before you read Sweet Temptation, the sexy companion told entirely from Kaidan’s point of view, author Wendy Higgins is here to recap everything you need to know!
WARNING: Series Spoilers Ahead!

The Sweet Evil Trilogy Character Roster

Anna Whitt, daughter of Belial: Anna’s mother died giving birth to her in California, and she was adopted by a woman in Georgia named Patti Whitt. Anna was raised in a small, southern town and never knew about her real parents. All she knows is that she isn’t normal. She can see auras and feel other people’s emotions, along with having unnaturally strong cravings for illegal substances that she’s never before tried. It all makes sense once she finds out she’s the daughter of an angel and a demon. She’s not happy to learn the Neph are bred to promote their father’s evil ways, spreading heartache and pain among humans.
Kaidan Rowe, son of Pharzuph: This is the boy your daddy warned you about—a boy after one thing. As the son of the demon of Lust (aka Richard Rowe), Kaidan’s allure is magnetic. A drummer for a rock band with an English accent, a wicked sense of humor, and mysterious intensity? Anna hardly stands a chance. But it turns out, Anna isn’t the only one changed by their time together. Meeting the innocent Neph girl will rock his world.
John LaGray: Also known by his fallen angel name, Belial, he is the demon of Substance Abuse. For years his job on earth has been to lead humans into destructive lifestyles of addiction to drugs and alcohol. All the while he has been searching for his lost heavenly love, the angel Mariantha. When they finally reunite, the result is something the world has never seen—a half angel/half demon child. Anna. Belial will spend the rest of his life trying to keep her safe from the life the demons will require of her.
Kopano, Son of Alocer: Kopano was born and raised in Malawi, Africa, and is now a Harvard student. He is one of three sons of the demon of Wrath. As a youth, Kope’s heart was changed and he made the bold decision to follow a life of faith, refusing to spread wrath among humankind. Shockingly, his father keeps his secret rather than killing him. Kope is the strong, silent type, and ends up being Anna’s primary ally.
Marna and Ginger, Daughters of Astaroth:  The twin daughters of the demon of Adultery are drawn to destroying relationships, but their primary goals in life are keeping one another safe. Marna, the sweet one, craves love, while Ginger, the protective and angry one, will do anything to keep herself and her sister alive. These English beauties could not be more different. Marna befriends Anna immediately, while Ginger’s jealousy of Anna drives her to hostility.
Blake, son of Melchom: As the son of the demon of Envy, Blake is surprisingly chill when it comes to his demonic urges. He’s the thrill-seeking, adrenaline junky Neph who tends to be the comic relief with his Southern California valley boy ways. Blake makes no secret of his attraction toward the Neph Ginger. He’s got every “toy” imaginable, and a home that can drive anyone to envy, but like all Neph the one thing he really wants is freedom from the demons. Blake eventually becomes Kaidan’s closest friend.
Jay Thompson: Jay is Anna’s best friend and pure human. He’s an artsy guy, loves to write music and attend concerts. Jay is a huge fan of Kaidan’s band, Lascivious, and he harbors a mad crush on the twin Marna. He has no clue about angels, demons, or Nephilim when the series begins. Jay is kind, funny, and loyal.
Patti Whitt: Anna’s adopted mother. Patti is a woman of faith, led by an angel in a dream to the orphanage in California. Patti is fiercely protective, trying to do the best she can by Anna, but at times feeling helpless because she is only human. Her loving nature and impeccable hospitality skills are seen in Anna. They’re quite the loving pair.

Top Five Moments from Sweet Evil

1)  When Anna Whitt sees Kaidan Rowe playing drums at his gig she experiences true lust for the first time. Meeting him backstage afterward is an intense and strange encounter. He’s overly-confident, aggressive, and acts as if he knows something about Anna that she doesn’t know about herself. The alluring boy without an aura is a mystery to her…a puzzle she wants to figure out.
2)  Anna and Kaidan embark on a cross-country road trip from Georgia to Southern California to find her demon father, and both experience many firsts along the way. Anna has her first kiss. Kaidan gets his first rejection from a girl. Anna learns to hide her aura. Kaidan makes his first “sacrifice” for another person, refusing to be intimate with Anna during their heightened moment of lust because he worries she’ll regret it.
3)  Anna is not sure what to expect when she meets her father for the first time at the prison where he’s serving time for drug-related crimes. She is prepared for the worst, but what she finds instead is a gigantic, burly man who’s terrifying on the outside and soft on the inside. He’s done evil during his time on earth, but it turns out that everything he’s done has been for the love of the angel he lost, Anna’s mother, Mariantha. And everything he’ll do now will be for the sake of his daughter.
4)  In order to fool the Dukes (earthly demon rulers) into believing she’s working for their cause, Anna must party hard in Atlanta with her human friends and new Neph friends at a New Year’s Eve party. All the while, creepy demon spirits are trailing her, whispering to her. Still, she can’t deny the thrill she gets from unleashing this other side of herself. She drinks a lot, urges others into drunkenness, dances on the bar top, and witnesses Kai “working” a human girl down a dark hallway.
5)  The next day Anna is whisked to New York City for a New Year’s Day emergency demon summit. She knows she somehow failed her test the night before and this is it for her. But it turns out a different Neph is the target of this summit. When Anna tries to intervene it seems all hope is lost…until an army of angel warriors shows up to save her.

Top Five Moments from Sweet Peril

1)  After the angel incident in NYC, Anna is hanging on a perilous thread of suspicion with the Dukes. Hope comes in the form of a Neph angel spirit who delivers an ancient prophecy telling Anna she is the key to ridding the earth of demon spirits.
2)  Anna’s father, Belial, sends her on trips with Kopano to Australia, the Middle East, and the UK to gain Neph allies in their cause. She isn’t sure if Zania from Syria can kick her alcohol addiction enough to be an ally, but the spritely Aussie boxer, Flynn, is on board.
3)  While in Australia, emotions run high for Anna, who is missing Kai and can’t understand why he’ll have nothing to do with her. In a moment of adrenaline, Anna shares a heated kiss with Kopano and learns that wrath is not the only sin he deals with. He’s got the added urge of heightened lust that he’s always had to secretly fight.
4)  When Anna finally sees Kaidan again in California, Kai’s anger and jealousy over Kope threatens to stand in the way of anything positive between them. Especially when a demon whisperer catches them getting close, reminding them of the dangers of being together. Only the prophecy can clear Kai’s mind and give him the glimmer of hope he needs to move forward and ask Anna to spend one last night with him before all hell breaks loose.
5)  In the finale, Anna, Kai, Blake, Kope, and Zania must hide in the water under the dock at Duke Melchom’s private island while the Dukes party and scheme right above them. When their Neph ally, Flynn, is accused of having a part in the mysterious saving of Zania, he is killed by his own demon father. The Dukes know there are traitors among them. Anna learns that she and her father are under suspicion. It’s time to fight back.

Top Five Moments from Sweet Reckoning

1) When Marna and Jay see one another again, they give in to their attraction, which quickly turns to so much more. Ginger’s worst nightmare comes true when Marna discovers she’s pregnant, a situation she cannot survive since the child will be a Nephilim. Jay is brokenhearted but stoic when he learns the truth from Anna and the twins about their heritage and the danger they’re in.
2) Duke Belial, who has shed his body, comes to Anna in spirit form while she’s at Blake’s house with the twins and Kaidan. Belial puts things in perspective that Anna’s purity of heart has nothing to do with virginity, and everything to do with her love and loyalty.
3) Anna and Kai share emotional, impromptu, sky-high wedding vows in Blake’s personal jet, followed by the moment they’d never thought would happen—a honeymoon in the Grand Canyon where they can finally be together in every sizzling way. That night, Anna meets her mother, the angel Mariantha, who comes down from Heaven to bless their marriage.
4) When Anna is found using a sword of righteousness, Kaidan must pretend to be her enemy, working for his father to capture and put an end to her. But the Neph allies have plans to turn the Dukes’ strategies against them. Kaidan reluctantly takes Anna to Las Vegas where they have to keep up their charade until the last minute.
5) The terrifying demon Summit in a dark Vegas nightclub begins to feel like there’s no hope after the sword of righteousness is confiscated from Anna. But the tables turn when the Neph allies rise up, willing to die to make the prophecy come true. In a final act of faith, Anna prays the demons away, where they are swallowed by a gaping hole during a freak earthquake. Love and hope win over darkness and hate, and Anna and Kaidan get their happily-ever-after.

What to Expect from Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation is a companion novel to the Sweet trilogy—it’s a condensed version of the trilogy told entirely from Kaidan Rowe’s point of view. You can definitely expect it to be darker and sexier in Kaidan’s head than Anna’s. The story starts before Kaidan meets Anna, so we are able to see a scene from his childhood, along with a night where he is working. Then we get to learn what he was really thinking and feeling throughout his time with Anna. The story’s completion gives slightly more information about his “happily ever after” with Anna before that fateful prologue where they travel to the orphanage in Africa. Though Kaidan’s story is told in a very mature voice and tips the scales into NA/adult territory, it is still primarily YA. Sweet Temptation is the longest book in the series.

Sweet Temptation goes on sale September 8, 2015! What moment are you most excited to see from Kaidan’s perspective? Tell us in the comments below!

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