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Symptoms of a Book Hangover


Symptoms of a Book Hangover

You could be one of the millions who suffer from frequent book hangovers. Learn to spot the signs and prevent the spread of this debilitating affliction.
A book hangover is condition in which attachment to a book or series that has ended causes the reader traumatic emotional distress. It usually lasts for one to two weeks, or until a new book of higher-than-average quality enters the reader’s life.

Symptoms of a book hangover

Symptoms of a Book Hangover via Epic Reads
Symptoms of a book hangover can vary in intensity from any of the following symptoms:

  • A hollow, empty feeling in the chest
  • Sweating occurring in all areas of the body
  • The wish to sit in the dark and do nothing
  • Crying in minimal or excessive quantities
  • Irrational anger at people who don’t understand your pain
  • The inability to pick up another book
  • Repeatedly calling out the names of characters from the book in question

Treatments for a book hangover

Readers are yet to discover a proven cure for this condition. As stated above, the only known methods with evidence of negating this condition are the passage of time and a new book or series that is good enough for the patient to get attached to. Though, in turn, a new book hangover will most likely occur at the conclusion of said book or series.
Here are some simple treatment options that will have you feeling better in no time:

  • Find a new book to read (good luck)
  • 10 *book shimmy* reps
  • Find GIFs that adequately express your feelings and share them on your Tumblr
  • Air out your lamentations on Twitter
  • Watch videos of Maru

Who can get a book hangover?

The condition does not discriminate, anyone, at any time, can get a book hangover. All it takes to occur is reading a book. Know the signs and symptoms before this affliction claims another victim.

When to seek help

Now that you know the warning signs, if you or someone you love is experiencing the symptoms of a book hangover please visit your local library or bookstore before symptoms worsen. If immediate assistance is required, please tweet us @EpicReads and we will help you find your next book.
For more information, please observe this brief public service announcement about book hangovers:

***Medical experts have yet to acknowledge book hangovers as a genuine illness, though that is on the verge of changing due to the dramatic influx of book hangover cases cropping up around the world.
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