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12 Things From Target You Never Knew You Needed For Your Book Obsession



12 Things From Target You Never Knew You Needed For Your Book Obsession

12 Things From Target You Never Knew You Needed For Your Book Obsession
Okay, we know you’re spending your budget on all the books you can get your hands on, but we ask: What makes your books more enjoyable than having them look amazing? How can you get through your TBR pile without a way to keep track? Enter Target, the strange capitalist haven where anything is possible. And the answer to all our book nerd needs!
Whether you’re looking for new book ends, a shelf, a way to organize all those books piled on your floor—you know, the ones you keep ignoring and buying new books instead of starting?—we can guarantee that Target has something for you. So let’s get shopping!!

12 Things From Target You Never Knew You Needed For Your Book Obsession


1. This super cute undated desk calendar

A book a day keeps realty away! What better way to plan out your reading than with a pad that doesn’t lock you into the dates? Organize this to your book nerd heart’s content!


2. More books, duh

Do we even have to explain this one? Books are 95% of our purchase at any store we go to, so it makes sense that we cordoned off our own little Epic Reads shelf at Target, too 😂


3. A ladder bookshelf that totally saves space

Plus you can still decorate the walls behind it! We’re thinking some kind of tapestry that will really let the spines of the books pop…


4. This bookcase that works in two directions

Whether you want to set it horizontal or vertical, we love that these little cubby cubes let us organize our books so much easier! Plus, totally easy to pop a plant or two in there as well!


5. A Marauder’s Map poster, because, well, you should know why

We’re still hoping and wishing for a Marauder’s-centric story (omg imagine it as a YA book), so until then, we can just remember the good times with this cool poster!


6. The cutest magnetic bookmarks you will ever see!

These will keep your spot and look good doing it! Say goodbye to dog-eared pages, because you’ll actually look forward to accessorizing your book with these beauties 😍


7. A goth Mockingjay pin that’s definitely seen some stuff…

Maybe this ones been through a fire bombing or two, but we’re definitely still repping our THE HUNGER GAMES fandom strong. After all, if we burn, you burn with us.


8. Harry Potter socks to make up for the Hogwarts letter we never got

You will never be able to beat a #SockSunday bookstagram shot with these beauties! Plus we can totally just imagine casually sliding around the common room floors in them


9. Gilded pineapple bookends if you’re feeling bougie

In case those fantasy books aren’t transporting you out of this world enough, having these on your bookshelf will put you in the mood for a beach read at any time!


10. An encouraging notebook to keep track of what you read

We know it’s hard to keep up with new books, old books, and everything in between! So until you log those recent reads into Goodreads, keep track of your ratings and reviews right here!


11. A binder that reminds you what you’re capable of

Amazing things include: Conquering your TBR pile, finishing that own WIP of yours, and literally anything else you set your mind too. Book nerds shall inherit the earth!


12. This shirt we’ll be wearing all the time

We were always sure Belle knew what was good, but it’s nice to be reassured in shirt format. Always love a shout out to the original royal book nerd!


What’s your go-to place for your bookish accessories? Let us know in the comments!
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