Tea Time #63 Recap: New Office!


Tea Time #63 Recap: New Office!

In this week’s Tea Time we show you (parts of) our new office, keep you informed on all the new releases, give a sneak peek at some upcoming videos, discuss our BEA panels and explain why one of us refuses to read or watch The Fault in Our Stars!





Aubry’s panel: It’s Not Easy Being A Teen
How do you believably and authentically get into the mindset of a teen? It’s simple to skew a voice too young or too old, or to underestimate the breadth of a high schooler’s experience. These authors will talk what it takes to portray teens truthfully and the challenges they have faced both on and off the page Listen in and meet: Amy Zhang, Falling Into Place, Kresley Cole, Dead of Winter, Becca Fitzpatrick, Black Ice, Amanda Maciel, Tease

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Margot’s panel: The Craft of Writing and World Building
The world an author creates is more than just a background or a piece of descriptive writing. It becomes the arena in which characters’ stories play out, dictating decisions, emotional histories, and beyond. Yet, fictional worlds are rarely born as a fully formed idea. Five masters of the craft will discuss the promise and pitfalls of constructing a world from scratch and how it affects their characters. Listen in and meet: Brandon Mull, Five Kingdoms Series, Scott Westerfeld, Afterworlds, Kiera Cass, The One, Heather Demetrios, Exquisite Captive, Michael Grant, Messenger of Fear

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If you could change places with any YA character who would you choose?


Hugh T. from Hanover Park, IL
Jordan G. from Soldier, IA
Joanne X. from Brooklyn, NY
Gabrielle S. from Brighton, CO
Melina L. from Petawawa, ON
Maureen O. from Ralston, NE
Lexie M. from Houston, TX
Olufunmbi E. from Lansing, MI
Toni W. from Centralia, IL
Melissa S. from Halifax, NS

See you next week!


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