Tea Time Recap: Banned Books Week


Tea Time Recap: Banned Books Week

This week on Tea Time we discussed doppelgängers, upcoming Allegiant events and the hot issue of banning books. Watch the recap below plus the vine video from our surprise visitor after the show!


We broke the video down into a few key highlights but you can watch the full video here or later in this post!

1. Authors are evil!


2. Doppelgängers are everywhere!


3. Tahereh and Ransom got married!


4. Epic Reads rants over the banning of Eleanor & Park.


5. Aubry shares her experience with censorship.


6. Be a book rebel!


7. You know what books do? They give you the FEELS.


8. Allegiant is almost here! Here’s what’s ahead for us (and you!)


9. Right after we finished the video, Veronica Roth surprised us in the office!


Watch the full video below!



– Read and download the official complaint for Eleanor & Park here. Read Rainbow’s response to the banning here.
– Learn more about Banned Books Week here – the official week is September 22 – 29th, 2013.


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