Tea Time Recap: Favorite Endings


Tea Time Recap: Favorite Endings

This week on Tea Time with Team Epic Reads we discuss our favorite endings to books and TV shows, zombies vs. aliens, new releases, the Divergent read-a-thon, upcoming Tea Time events and more!


Epic Reads Tea Time Recap!

1. Dancing to Britney Part 1


2. Divergent Read-A-Thon


3. *book shimmy*


4. We’re going to NY Comic Con!


4. This week’s new releases!


5. Zombies vs. Aliens

Aliens vs. Zombies blog post from Jeff Hart ––>

6. We love HOW TO LOVE + where would you travel?

Katie Cotugno’s blog post on travel ––>

7. Austin Teen Book Festival Recap

Watch our recap video!

8. Moonwalking is our new thing.


9. Our favorite endings in books and TV.


10. Upcoming Epic Reads events!


11. This is how to silently freak out.


12. We are so professional. Like, seriously. SO PROFESSIONAL.

“Aubry with no ‘E’ and Margot with a ‘T’ bein’ super profesh.”

13. Dancing to Britney Part 2





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