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Choose a TGIT Show, Get a Book Recommendation!



Choose a TGIT Show, Get a Book Recommendation!

Pick a TGIT Show, Get a Book Recommendation!
There’s something to love about all three shows that’ve given Thursday night its iconic name. Whether you prefer the drama and relationship-focused scope of GREY’S ANATOMY, the struggle to balance ambition with emotions on SCANDAL, or the twists and turns from HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, we know that these series all have that special something that keeps viewers from looking away. And, well, we also know that a lot of our favorite books have the same amazing elements. Which got us thinking…
What books would we recommend to someone based on their favorite TGIT show? Would we focus on the settings—a hospital, DC, or university campus? Or the characters?
Instead, we broke them down into their basic elements—how we feel watching each one—and did our best to group some books together that we think anyone who enjoys the show would like. Each book plays into a different aspect of the show, but hey, that’s what makes them all so great? Scroll down and see what books you should read next!

Choose a TGIT Show, Get a Book Rec!


Books featured our TGIT recommendations:


Grey’s Anatomy:




How to Get Away With Murder:


What books did you get? Tell us in the comments below!


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