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The 5 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean



The 5 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

The 5 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean
A YA author is going to interpret your dreams, because why not. We invited Robert L. Anderson, author of DREAMLAND to guest post on our blog and give us his interpretation of the five most common dreams, in honor of the upcoming release of his debut novel!

Your Dreams, Decoded

By Robert L. Anderson
According to my exhaustive research (i.e., a quick Google search and a conversation with the psychic who lives next to the Starbucks on my block), dreams have important symbolic value. The images in our dreams, according to Ms. Mystique, reveal our fears, anxieties, hopes, and, occasionally, the fact that we ate a plate of loaded nachos right before dinner. Below I’ve listed some common dreams and the way we should interpret them.

1. Dreams about flying:

Flying gif
Dreams about flying suggest the need for, or the anticipation of, a big change, such as a career switch, a new relationship on the horizon, or a move. Alternatively, flying can indicate the willingness to finally try out sky-diving despite the fact that your cousin Ernie knows someone whose frat brother died doing it.

2. Dreams about falling:

Dreams of falling usually reveal a lack of perceived control, fears that things are moving too fast or in a direction that you don’t like. Dreams of falling might become more prevalent if you are in a bad job or relationship, or if you go home from college for the holidays for Thanksgiving and your family won’t stop referencing the time you ate all those Legos when you were three. Alternatively, dreams about falling can indicate the fact that you are at summer camp sleeping on the top bunk and rolling dangerously close to the edge.

3. Dreams about losing your teeth:

Tooth loss is one of the classic stand-in symbols of death, and reveals a fear of losing someone or something you love. Alternatively, it may mean that it is really time for you to suck it up and schedule a tooth cleaning.

4. Dreams about losing your hair:

This is a classic fear-of-the-future dream. Hair loss represents aging and is perceived as a terrible calamity. It may mean that you are confronting a change that frightens you, such as going off to school, or that you are simply anxious about the future in general. Alternatively, it may mean that your psychotic younger brother has been mixing chlorine into your shampoo and that you are, in fact, losing your hair.

5. Dreams in which you are nude in front of a crowd:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not a dream. You really did leave the house without pants, underwear, or a shirt, and now the moment is captured forever on YouTube. Sorry, buddy.

What other dreams do you want interpreted? Tell us in the comments below!

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