The Beautiful Idols Novels Get a Brand New Look



The Beautiful Idols Novels Get a Brand New Look

Aaaaaand we. are. obsessed. We loved UNRIVALED’s original design (anything dripping with gold holds a special place in our hearts), but these beautiful new covers are officially even more perfect for Alyson Noël’s Beautiful Idols Trilogy. UNRIVALED will be hitting shelves again with its pretty new skin on January 31, 2017, while BLACKLIST, the second book in the Beautiful Idols series, goes on sale April 4th!
Before we tell you more about these scandalous L.A. thrillers, take a look at this drop-dead gorgeous re-design for Unrivaled, the first book in the Beautiful Idols trilogy:

Unrivaled by Alyson Noël

The city. The style. The tagline 😍


Everyone wants to be someone. Layla Harrison wants to be a reporter. Aster Amirpour wants to be an actress. Tommy Phillips wants to be a guitar hero.
But Madison Brooks took destiny and made it her own a long time ago. She’s Hollywood’s hottest starlet, and the things she did to become the name on everyone’s lips are merely a stain on the pavement beneath her Louboutin heel. That is, until Layla, Aster, and Tommy find themselves in the glamorous and gritty world of Los Angeles’s nightlife, and a high-stakes competition targeting Madison ends with her disappearance.
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AND NOW the moment you’ve been waiting for…

*Ahem drum roll please*
Blacklist by Alyson Noël
Okay. SEROUSLY?! Those colors! Those lights! and yep- THAT TAGLINE! 😍 We need these like, yesterday.


Wannabe reporter Layla, aspiring actress Aster, and fledgling musician Tommy joined the Unrivaled nightclub competition for the same reason—they knew winning it would change their lives. They just never imagined that somewhere along the way they’d become entangled in the disappearance of mega starlet Madison Brooks.Now each of them is smack in the center of a media frenzy that threatens to take all of them down.
Banding together to clear their names, the fierce adversaries become temporary allies and vow to dig up the truth. But when Layla, Aster, Tommy team up with an unsuspecting insider, they will find that some secrets are best kept in the grave.
BLACKLIST goes on sale April 4, 2017!
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What do you think of the new design for the Beautiful Idols trilogy?! Tell us in the comments below!


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