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The Crown With Dolls!


The Crown With Dolls!

This is it, Selectioners—the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The dolls are back and ready to recap THE CROWN, the conclusion to The Selection series by Kiera Cass! Will Eadlyn finally find her happily ever after just like America and Maxon did 20 years ago? Watch the 100% accurate reenactment, THE CROWN WITH DOLLS, to find out!
But first! Let’s binge watch the first 4 videos because they are 😂😂😂
⛔️⛔️️️ WARNING: ️️⛔️⛔️
These videos are full story recaps so if you haven’t read any of these books seriously what are you waiting for?? Go pick up the 5-book paperback box set today!!

The Selection with dolls

The Elite with dolls

The One with dolls

The Heir with dolls

And finally… The Crown with dolls!

Brb… reliving our glory days of these books with all of these videos!

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