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Here’s Why You Need ‘The End and Other Beginnings’ In Your Life


Here’s Why You Need ‘The End and Other Beginnings’ In Your Life

Here's Why You Need 'The End and Other Beginnings' In Your Life

Attention, Divergent and Carve the Mark fans! Veronica Roth is BACK with The End and Other Beginningsa collection of stories that we’re more than a little obsessed with. We all know Veronica is a master at writing vivid worlds and *epic* characters that really make you think, and the stories in The End are no different.

These stunning stories are wrapped in an equally stunning package (the case! the artwork! 😍), so we just had to give you a sneak peek in the video below. Take a look and just try to tell us you’re not as in love with it as we are.


The End and Other Beginnings | Official Trailer

We’re not lying when we say we gasped.

With six unique stories (including the previously published ‘Inertia’ and TWO new ones set in the universe of Carve the Mark), The End and Other Beginnings is a treasure, tbh. If the trailer doesn’t have you hooked, scroll down for some of our favorite quotes from each chapter of the *epic* collection!


A Closer Look at ‘The End and Other Beginnings’


From ‘Inertia’

  • This quote from ‘Inertia’ (the rights to which have been bought by Fox 2000!) has us all in our feelings. In a near future where Black Mirror-esque technology allows for “last visitations,” we’re more than ready for this story to break our hearts.


From: ‘The Spinners’

  • The opening line of ‘The Spinners,’ which follows a bounty hunter dead-set on revenge, sets us up for a dark and twisty read.


From: ‘Hearken’

  • ‘Hearken’ is getting philosophical on us and tbh, we’re all about it.


From: ‘Vim and Vigor’

  • We have nothing but ~love~ for this quote from ‘Vim and Vigor,’ a story about fandom and female friendship (which are, in case you didn’t know, two of our absolute favorite things).


From: ‘Armored Ones’

The End and Other Beginnings

  • We get to revisit the world of Carve the Mark in ‘Armored Ones,’ and this quote from our fave, Akos, is enough to make us want to stop everything to read it.


From: ‘Armored Ones’

The End and Other Beginnings

  • So obsessed with this story, we couldn’t help but bring you a second quote. This one cuts Teka a little deep, but honestly? We think she can handle it.


From: ‘The Transformationist’

The End and Other Beginnings

  • Another epic story set in the world of Carve the Mark, ‘The Transformationist’ takes place on a brand new planet with brand new characters. Veronica herself introduced this one on her Instagram—check it out!


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