The Epic Reads Class of Fall 2015!



The Epic Reads Class of Fall 2015!

Our Epic Reads Fall 2015 yearbook is here, and we’re introducing you to a whole bunch of our YA authors publishing this fall! We’re matched the writers behind some of the awesome books coming out this season with a high school superlative, because what’s a yearbook without superlatives? That’s right, nothing.
Check out the yearbook spread below, and learn more about our matchings below! (Click on the image below to view it at a larger size!)
Epic Reads Superlative Infographic

Most Spirited—Carolyn Mackler

Carolyn’s got spirit, yes she does! In her latest novel, Infinite in Between, Carolyn fully embraces the spirit of high school as she follows her characters through the complete four-year journey.
Carolyn’s library: Infinite in Between, Tangled, The Future of Us, The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things

Friendliest—Courtney Stevens

Only the best of friends can understand what you’re feeling and put it in a book like The Lies About Truth.
Courtney’s library: Faking Normal, The Blue-Haired Boy, and The Lies About Truth

Most Likely to Make a Difference—Aaron Hartzler

Through his books, Aaron opens the door for much needed conversations on issues that affect our society. And exploring these topics can make all the difference.
Aaron’s library: What We Saw and The Rapture Practice

Best Shoulder to Cry On—Cammie McGovern

Say What You Will to Cammie, she’ll be there to listen. Or more like from reading her books we imagine she’d be a most thoughtful listener.
Cammie’s library: A Step Toward Falling and Say What You Will

Most Fashionable—Danielle Paige

We’ve seen Danielle’s shoe collection, and that alone earns her the title of Most Fashionable. Plus, she’s fashion forward when it comes to making-over the characters in the Dorothy Must Die series.
Danielle’s library: Dorothy Must Die, The Wicked Will Rise, The Straw King 

Wittiest—Patrick Ness

He may not be the Chosen One, but Patrick’s wit is what makes The Rest of Us Just Live Here so extraordinary.
Patrick’s library: The Rest of Us Just Live Here and the Chaos Walking trilogy

Brainiest—Claudia Gray

One needs the biggest of brains to store the infinite realities found in the Firebird trilogy.
Claudia’s library: Firebird trilogy, Spellcaster series, Evernight series


Most Heart—Sherry Thomas

Not only does Sherry put her heart into the magical Elemental trilogy, she also is an acclaimed romance novelist.
Sherry’s library: Elemental trilogy

Biggest Bookwarm—Mackenzi Lee

Bookseller by day, reader and author by night. Becomes a monstrous thing if she goes without direct contact with books for more than six hours.
Mackenzi’s library: This Monstrous Thing


Most Creative—Madeleine Roux

You may wish she was a little less creative when Catacomb is keeping you up at night.
Madeleine’s library: Asylum series

Miss Congeniality—Julie Murphy

*Sits patiently and waits for Julie to be our BFF* Just saying, we’re totally down for a Dolly Parton karaoke night, Julie.
Julie’s library: Dumplin’, Side Effects May Vary

Best Hair—Michael Grant

How he manages to find the time for his strict hair care regimen and still pen such extraordinary books such as the Gone series, the Messenger of Fear series, and Front Lines is beyond us.
Michael’s library: Gone series, Messenger of Fear series, and Front Lines

Boundary Breaker—Rae Carson

A self-described Star Wars nerd and an ex-beauty queen, Rae Carson was a cheerleader in high school and played flag football in college. She’s not afraid to challenge expectations–just like her kickass heroines.
Rae’s library: Walk on Earth a Stranger, Girl of Fire and Thorns series

Teacher’s Pet—Mindy McGinnis

Asked to help in the library one day after school, Mindy has remained there to this day.
Mindy’s library: A Madness So Discreet, Not a Drop to Drink, In a Handful of Dust

Biggest Dreamer—Robert L. Anderson

You may say he’s a dreamer, and you’d be right –he’s the one who imagined a story in which people can walk in dreams: Dreamland.
Robert’s library: Dreamland

Most Musical—Amy Ewing

Not only can she write musical characters like Violet in The White Rose, but she can also play guitar and write her own songs!
Amy’s library: The Jewel, The House of Stone, The White Rose 

What superlatives would you give to your favorite YA authors?

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