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The Science Behind Why Old Books Smell So Good


The Science Behind Why Old Books Smell So Good

You know you’ve always been addicted to that sweet sweet old book smell, but you never knew exactly why. . . UNTIL NOW.
Thanks to the YouTube Channel SciShow (the channel that John Green’s brother Hank started) and host Michael Aranda, we now have the Science(!) facts behind what that old book smell really is and why it’s like catnip for book nerds.
Watch the video below (or click here to watch it on YouTube) to find out the truth about our favorite smell of all time!

TL;DW Version

That old book scent comes from chemical compounds in three parts of the book: the paper, the ink, and the bindings. New books have a different scent because modern manufacturing uses different kinds of chemicals.
Fun fact! Scientists can use the scent makeup of a book to help determine its age and condition!
There are loads of more interesting facts in this video, so we suggest you watch it!

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