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The Under-Sixties



The Under-Sixties

This post is brought to us by Amy Tintera, author of REBOOT!
In the Reboot world, numbers are very important. The longer a Reboot is dead, the stronger they are. A high number means you’re awesome but without much emotion, a lower number means you’re weak but you’ve still got some feelings left over.
Reboots dead for over 120 minutes get a lot of attention in Reboot. My main character, Wren, was dead for 178 minutes, so she’s basically the best of the best.
The Under-sixties, the Reboots dead for less than 60 minutes, have a hard time of it in Reboot. They have a reputation for being emotional and weak, and they are not the best soldiers. When I talk to people who have read the book, they never want to be an Under-sixty.
But I love the Under-sixties! The love interest in the book, Callum, is only a 22, and he has many fabulous traits.
So, as an apology to the poor Under-sixties I tortured in Reboot, I made a list of why it’s awesome to be them:
1.) They have friends.
2.) They still have a sense of humor. They’re looking on the bright side of being a slave to the humans.
3.) They’re up on all the gossip. Because other Reboots aren’t scared to talk to them.
4.) They don’t have to train new Reboots. They’re happy to leave that depressing task to Wren and the other high numbers.
5.) Low expectations. No one expects much from them, so when they do a good job, everyone gets excited.

What do you think? Would you want be a tough, strong soldier, or a popular optimist?


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