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These Bookstagrams Will Make You Want To Binge Read A Series



These Bookstagrams Will Make You Want To Binge Read A Series

As we scrolled through #Bookstagram this week, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful pictures of our fave YA series’! This week, we are bringing you guys the best of #Bookstagram- YA series edition! We’re not sure which we fan-girled over harder- these series’ or these #Bookstagrams!!! To be featured here you can #bookstagram, or tag us in your posts (@epicreads) and don’t forget to tag them #epicreads- we’ll be sure to look through each week!
Introducing #Bookstagram Of The Week: YA SERIES EDITION 😍📷📚

Series Of Unfortunate Events

Did you hear there will be a Series Of Unfortunate Events Netflix series?!? We are flipping out!!! 



TRIS AND FOUR FOREVER. Ugh we miss this series 😍😭 Good thing Veronica Roth has got something new up her sleeve- Carve The Mark comes out 1.17.17!
Pre-order Carve The Mark here!


Six Of Crows



Firebird Trilogy

Look at these beauties 😍 We have never seen a series so gorgeous in our entire book nerd lives! The third book to this series, A Million Worlds With You is on sale now!
Add A Million Worlds With You to your Goodreads shelf!


The Lunar Chronicles

Once upon a time in the future, we will take a #Bookstagram as beautiful as this.


Sarah J. Maas

A little bit of S. Maas in your life is all you need…..


Snow Like Ashes

We are so in love with this series and recently cozied up with the newest book Frost Like Night– it did not disappoint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Add Frost Like Night to your Goodreads shelf!

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You know when your brain is completely fried and you simply cannot, for the life of yourself, try and make it work and need a couple weeks, or months, of none stop hibernation to recuperate and whatnot? Yes that's me, right now. • Story time! There once was a young woman. Who, unfortunately, had a 9am start and had to get up at 6am to make it to uni at such ungodly hour. Having tossed and turned and woken numerous times that night, she finally woke to the sound of her personal sound of hell. • Blearily eyes, fuzzy brain she fell back to sleep. Only to wake up 20 minutes later. After finally waking up, she remembered, that while switching her alarm off she couldn't for the life of anything remember what the word 'snooze' meant. • To cut the story short, yes, this happened to me this morning. While getting ready, I remembered myself looking at my phone alarm and thinking 'wth does snooze mean?' And I'm like, am I that sleep deprived? The answer is HELL YES. I actually ended up being and hour late to my seminar. Oopies. • There are actually three stages of me waking up; way before my alarm actually goes off. When my alarms goes off and I'm literally the stupid fool that I am, who cannot remember what snooze means and finally, getting out of bed and cursing uni for 9am starts. I'm not a morning person AT ALL. • I'm just so tired! Goodnight, everyone. 💕 • #Books #SnowLikeAshes #IceLikeFire #FrostLikeNight #BookTrilogy #SaraRaasch #BookLover #SleepDeprived #BookHoarder #CoverLove #BookPorn #Biblophile #BookSpineBeauty #BookishSpine #BookBoyfriends #BookNerd #BookAddict #Bookstagram #BookstagramFeature #MyBookishFeatures #BookBlogger #ALLTHEBOOKS 📚💙

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The Selection

Thank you for giving us this PERFECT series Kiera Cass! Raise your hand if you are obsessed with The Selection!!! ✋✋✋✋✋
Add The Selection to your Goodreads shelf! 


The Hunger Games

We volunteer as tribute to be named owner of this beautiful set of books!

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Fun Fact: I live about 45 minutes away from where The Hunger Games was filmed and fall always reminds me of the scene where Katniss is sitting with Gale in the forest so naturally now that it's fall I had to post a photo of THG 😂 . . Its no surprise that I am absolutely IN LOVE with the redesigned THG covers from @juniperbooks. I love them SO MUCH more than the original covers. I just feel like these capture the vibe of the books more so than the black/blue/red covers. . . You can get these and so many other covers from @juniperbooks. Perfect for christmas gifts! . #buttermybooksblogs #bookstagram #booklr #bookishfeature #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #readmore #read #book #tumblrbooks  #igreads #bookishcommunity #photography #like #totalbooknerd #vsco #booknerdigans #bibliophile #l4l #bookphotography #photography #library #bookstack  #travel #adventure #thehungergames #suzannecollins #juniperbooks #redesignedcovers

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Red Queen

Anddd we can’t wait to add a third book to this series on February 7th with King’s Cage!
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Pre-order King’s Cage here!

📸 📖 Do you or someone you know have a beautiful bookstagram? Shout them out in the comments below!

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