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Things Alexis Bass Learned About Love in High School


Things Alexis Bass Learned About Love in High School

Sometimes we think you need a PHD to truly understand the rules of romance in high school. Luckily, we have Alexis Bass, author of Love and Other Theories, who is prepared to impart her worldly wisdom upon us. 
In Love and Other Theories, Aubrey and her best friends made a pact to play by the guys’ rules when it comes to dating. They’re hoping the rules will keep them from experiencing high school heartbreak—they don’t realize that these rules could just as easily keep them from opening their hearts and minds. And when new boy Nathan Diggs moves to town, Aubrey starts to think that some rules are meant to be broken.
Read on for Alexis’ true lessons learned about love in high school!

1. Cher Horwitz was wrong about when to expect a phone call.

But, oh, did we believe her. In high school my friends and I didn’t really have theories, but we vehemently thought that there were rules about when to expect a phone call. Taking cues from Clueless—we should have seen right through this.

2. Don’t take dedications to be a prophecy.

Sometimes a song comes along that’s so perfect that when it’s dedicated to you, you want it to apply forever. And then when it doesn’t . . . well, that’s no fun at all. It’s hard not to set your romantic expectations to the vocal stylings of Harry Styles or Adam Levine—but it’s best to adjust. “Story of My Life” should read: “Story of My Senior Year.” “Stereo Hearts” = fine, but sometimes you’ll experience static. And one should always be ready to “Shake It Off.”

3. That “fish in the sea” motto sounds crazy and cliche, but it actually isn’t.

There are plenty of fish, and in your lifetime you’ll be moving oceans, or there will be fresh trout planted in your lake at peak season—okay, so, I’ve taken that metaphor a little too far.

4. Saying goodbye is supposed to be hard.

Endings are always a little bittersweet, and the only way around them is to embrace how you’re feeling so you can move on. Closure is not a guarantee. And sometimes the hardest part of saying good-bye is saying good-bye to what you thought was true, but in fact, wasn’t.

5. Don’t become so preoccupied with your crush that everything else takes a backseat.

Here’s a true story and a cautionary tale: I once pumped gas with my car running because the boy I liked was in the passenger seat and I couldn’t concentrate on anything except for what he was saying and how he was sitting and . . . that’s the exact recipe for getting yourself blown up. Even if his eyes are pools of sapphire, you still have to watch where you’re going.

What are your rules for the game of love in high school? Tell us in the comments below!


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