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This Gorgeous Art is Bringing Three Dark Crowns Characters to Life!


This Gorgeous Art is Bringing Three Dark Crowns Characters to Life!

This Gorgeous Art is Bringing Three Dark Crowns Characters to Life!
If you aren’t obsessing over Kendare Blake’s THREE DARK CROWNS series yet, where have you been?! This chilling fantasy series is the perfect fall read. Book two, ONE DARK THRONE, just released this September and it has so many plot twists and deadly faceoffs that we are still in recovery. The ending left us DYING to know what happens next and we are once again in an epic book hangover as we wait for book 3. See: the struggle.
If you, like us, have already devoured ONE DARK THRONE and aren’t sure what to do with yourself while you wait for the next book in this series, then this post is for you. Today we’re revealing some epic character art that brings some of our favorite 3DC characters to life—created by the amazing artist Gabriel Picolo. Not only did he feature the three sister queens in art he created for the exclusive 3DC playing cards from our ONE DARK THRONE preorder giveaway, he also created some awesome sketches of Jules in all of her fierceness and our favorite heartbreaker & would-be queen assassin, Pietyr!

Check out all of the 3DC beauty below!

PS, you can click all pictures to view them in their stunning full-size glory!

First off, let’s take a look at the amazing card art Gabriel Picolo created…

First up: a suitor for the Jack card:

So beautiful. So eerie. So replaceable.

Next: Our favorite triplet queens!

We looove the details that show off each queen’s gift! How gorgeous are these three?!

Now an exclusive reveal: Jules Milone!

Featuring special guest star Camden!! How much do you love these two? This art perfectly captures just how fierce but adorable they are. #FamiliarGoals TBH.

And finally—exclusively: Pietyr Renard!

In all his heartbreaking, queen-pushing glory…

Do you love how these turned out? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to follow our THREE DARK CROWNS series fan page for breaking news, updates, and more!
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