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Which ‘Three Dark Crowns’ Gift Would These YA Characters Have?


Which ‘Three Dark Crowns’ Gift Would These YA Characters Have?

In the fantastically twisted world of Three Dark Crowns, many of those born on Fennbirn Island wield one of the gifts we’ve come to know very well. Elementals can conjure flames and summon storms. Poisoners boast a toxic immunity—and ambition. Naturalists? They have the fiercest familiars and can bloom the reddest rose. From the oracle gift’s prophetic haze to the war gift’s brutal intuition, to the condemnation of the Legion-cursed few, there’s a lot going on. So, to help, we had author Kendare Blake break it down.

And that got us thinking—if some of our other fave YA characters happened to hail from Fennbirn Island, which gifts in the Three Dark Crowns world would they have?

We pulled together a bunch of characters from across the young adult spectrum and want you to vote below! Just scroll through and choose which gift you think that character would have, and see how your opinion stacks up against the others. Some of these might be harder than you think… and if you get stumped, just rewatch bits of the video above!


Which Three Dark Crowns Gift Would These YA Characters Have?

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