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The Official Breakdown of the Gifts from the Three Dark Crown Series


The Official Breakdown of the Gifts from the Three Dark Crown Series

TWO DARK REIGNS is finally here! We hope you are on your way to pick this up right now because the ending of this book has turned us into emotional wrecks and we need to discuss it ASAP. But while you prepare for the brutal showdowns and emotional devastation that await you, let’s lighten the mood, shall we?
We recently had the chance to catch up with series author Kendare Blake and she broke down the five gifts of Fennbirn island for us. For a while, we really only knew the in’s and out’s of the gifts possessed by our three OG queens – Mirabella, Arsinoe, and Katharine. But like everything in this series – there’s way more going on than meets the eye. Turns out there are five in total and they are all pretty badass in their own special way.
You can watch Kendare break down each gift in the video below. And THEN because Kendare is hilarious and because bringing pop culture characters into our favorite fantasy worlds is a game we never get tired of, we asked her to bestow Fennbirn gifts upon some of our favorite movie & tv characters.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Gifts:


Three Dark Crowns Series: Breakdown of the Gifts

Poisoner – Can ingest any toxin, and really like it tbh. They can craft deadly concoctions to take out their opponents and can also heal. (Although… not a lot of healing going on around Fennbirn these days!)
Elemental – Can control earth, air, fire, water, or weather, and are impervious to cold & heat. Also – pretty emotional.
Naturalist – Can grow plants & crops AND commune with & command animals. They also get a special animal companion known as a familiar.
War gifted – Hot headed! Can guide weaponry with their minds and are thus, quite talented in combat. Definitely not afraid of pain!
Sight gifted – A rare & varied gift. Sometimes involves the powers of prophecy & visions, but other times mind reading and empathy. All queens born w/ this gift are drowned so it’s weakened over the years.
Legion cursed – Individuals who possess more than one gift (usually no more than two). Legion cursed individuals must be executed so it’s difficult to say how this one plays out!

What gift would you have? Take our quiz to find out!
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