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You Need to Listen to These Three Dark Crowns Playlists


You Need to Listen to These Three Dark Crowns Playlists

You Need to Listen to These Three Dark Crowns Playlists
If you’ve already read THREE DARK CROWNS by Kendare Blake, you’ve probably also already decided which of the triplet queens you like best. Mirabella is devoted and kind. Arsinoe is fierce and fun. Katharine? She’s definitely the most dark and determined. But no matter which one’s your favorite, you have to admit that all three are awesome in their own right.
So, because we love all three sisters (and because we’re still trying to deal with our THREE DARK CROWNS book hangover), we decided to make playlists inspired by each one!


For the elemental queen’s playlist, we wanted music that would convey her power, but also some that would convey that, they, she doesn’t really want to be doing this! She’s devoted to her friends and is a romantic at heart, and we can only wish she ran into someone on that beach other than Joseph. If the player below doesn’t work, click here!



For Arsinoe’s playlist, we tried to imagine what life would be like in Wolf Spring! Getting snacks around town, hanging out at Luke’s, going for runs with Jules and Camden… ugh why couldn’t this queen have had a simple life?! But Arsinoe is also super badass. She’s not one to back down from a fight, and she’s definitely the most underestimated of the three sisters. If the player below doesn’t work, you can click right here.



You heard the girl! She wants revenge, and then she wants her crown. Like the queen herself, Katharine’s playlist is dark, haunting, and ambitious. It also has some longing—Pietyr, why?!—and one or two pop jams that are definitely the guilty pleasure songs of the entire Arron camp. If the player doesn’t work for you, click here to listen!

What other songs would you add to these playlists? Whose do you like the best? Tell us in the comments below! 
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