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If You Already Miss ‘Throne of Glass,’ You Need to Read the Shattered Realms Series



If You Already Miss ‘Throne of Glass,’ You Need to Read the Shattered Realms Series

If You Already Miss Throne of Glass, You Need to Read the Shattered Realms Series

The Shattered Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima is the perfect read for Throne of Glass fans looking to dive into a series that promises the same vast epic drama with a whole new cast of characters to love, hate, root for, and become way too emotionally invested in. The best part? The fourth and final book in the series, Deathcaster, is FINALLY here—so you can binge read this entire series immediately!

Scroll down for a glimpse into what these two series have in common, then start reading Flamecaster, the first book in the Shattered Realms series – right now!


From Erilea to the Shattered Realms



1. The sprawling cast of characters

The Shattered Realms starts out with a focus on two main characters brought together by fate and their desire for revenge against an evil king, but the story expands with each book to encompass new lands and additional characters’ perspectives. From assassins to soldiers, pirates to spymasters, mages to warrior queens—this cast has it all. They’re slowly drawn together with the masterful plot, and when they connect it’s so gratifying.


2. An epic war

What starts out as two feuding kingdoms is quickly revealed to be much, much more. Not only does each kingdom have more than its fair share of internal drama (spies, divisions among royal houses, assassination attempts, kidnappings, royal coups—need we go on?), but a new and powerful threat is on the rise. With that threatening to destroy the realm entirely, sworn enemies are forced to try to put their differences aside to fight together for survival. Which brings us to…


3. Allies you’d never expect

With all the political chaos that constant war and new threats will bring, some characters take matters into their own hands, forging bonds of alliance with kingdoms and characters that had never been considered. We’re here for this kind of take-action approach, especially when it facilitates our favorite kind of romantic storyline


4. The enemies-to-lovers arc

Because every good battle story needs at least one! There’s no shortage of romantic storylines in the Shattered Realms series, but this classic trope might just be our fave. Remember that tension that built between a certain prince and witch? Yeah, imagine even more of that.


5. Expansive, wickedly smart magic

While some characters are gifted with special abilities—like control of a natural element or mind-control—others are mages with gifts like magical healing. Some even possess the ability to communicate with the dead. This series has a complex magical system with new revelations at every turn, and it’ll feel like discovering the many forms of magic along with Aelin, Dorian, and the gang all over again!


Basically, the Shattered Realms series is a super intricately crafted saga, and it’s practically buzzing with tension driven by complex characters, a continent’s worth of political scandal, and the threat of a magical world-wide war.

So please start reading this incredible fantasy series today and let us know what you think!

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